2021 NBA Draft Discussion

Yeah I think it depends - Roberson played with 2 guys who were able to find 50 shots a game for themselves without assistance every game. I’d say the distinguishing aspect of a team like the 52 win Jazz who everyone knows won’t make the conference finals, and, say, the Clippers or Lakers is that the Jazz are playing one-way players.

Yes, he radically improved from Sophomore to Junior year. Henry hasn’t played his Junior season.

Mikal Bridges was also a lottery pick. No one is really expecting that from Henry.

Perhaps I should clarify: I see him being able to be Mikal Bridges the NBA player - thats not a projection of where the two will be/were drafted comparably.

They’re the same size, (Henry bigger than Bridges was at this point) similar profiles. The biggest difference is that Bridges shoots better from 2.

Don’t have access to that ESPN content but here are the rankings otherwise

Henry shot worse from three last year than he did as a freshman.

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On 40% more shots with a pushed back three point line

I agree with the general sentiment here.

Henry - The type of guy you look up 8 years later and are surprised he’s still in the NBA. Relies on his D, athleticism, and timely shooting to keep a roster spot. (Think GR3)

Wagner - More boom or bust. Could be a starter and 3rd piece on a good NBA team or could be playing in Europe. (Think Stauskas/Levert)

oops, read the stat wrong. thank you.

I’m still convinced 90% of Stauskas’ lack of NBA success was situation. Sacramento has ruined so many guys.

I watch what Miami has done with Duncan (and to a lesser extent Tyler Herro who reminds me so much of Stauskas) and just think damn how has Nik not landed somewhere as a role player.


Bridges Sophomore year: 39.3% from 3 on 112 attempts, 91.1% FT on 56 attempts. Kenpom o-rating of 128.5 on 15.4% usage.
Henry Sophomore year: 34.4% from 3 on 90 attempts, 70.3% FT on 64 attempts. Kenpom o-rating of 102.2 on 19.6% usage.

Bridges as a Soph was already way better than Henry as a Soph and THEN Bridges took a leap as a Junior to become an All American. The leap Henry would have to make to be on the same level offensively that Bridges was as a Junior is essentially impossible.

Agreed. I was going to write out a long post about Henry seeming to be underrated on the board by many, but you made many of the points.

I think we all prefer Franz but I could see a nba squad coveting Henry’s skillset more. Solid athletic wing who d’s up and shows potential from deep.

Also shows some ability to create for himself at times off the bounce and can finish. He’s actually what concerns me a bit on State. I could see him putting it together and being their 1 or 1a option with Rocket off the bounce.

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Well two years ago he shot 38 from deep. Solid for a frosh. He was mediocre this year though.

Henry and Wagner are the total swing guys for both teams. They are both going to be solid and relied on heavily…but if either makes a leap it totally changes things for their program.

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On a really low volume and 29% in conference play. Look, there are certainly a couple of data points in his favor (I think Dylan’s 93rd percentile in catch and shoot is a better one than his Freshman 3 pt %) but overall I think the numbers point to him not being a great shooter. If he goes out and hits 40% this year on a solid volume then yeah he looks like a prototypical 3 and d guy but I just haven’t quite seen that from him.

Here’s Vecenie on Henry’s game:

Much like Tillman, Henry brings some pretty interesting across-the-board value. He’s a smart straight-line driver, then is a good passer on kick-outs off of those drives. The jumper has potential, even though it’s a bit inconsistent and suspect right now. Defensively, he brings multi positional value and is pretty good on the ball. But the light doesn’t come on for Henry every night. There were far too many games in 2019-20 where he was invisible. He was much better and more consistent from mid-February onward, but this is still a player who had nine games with seven points or fewer last season.

If Henry has a good season, he brings a lot of tools that NBA teams want. But it’s incumbent upon him to get better now. As an upperclassman who will be counted on for Michigan State’s success next year, there will be no excuse. He’ll have every opportunity to run the show next to Rocket Watts, Joey Hauser, and Gabe Brown. Sometimes it takes players time. Other times, guys just don’t have it. I think Henry is the former, and with another year he’ll bring the consistency necessary to be an NBA player. But the latter is not out of the question still.

2021 draft is pretty stacked. If you land a top 4 or 5 pick your bringing home a legit future all star with Franchise changing possibilities. I mean if your picking 4 and you bring home green, kuminga or Boston you gotta be psyched.

For anyone wondering on Givony’s mock, Josh Christopher was 16th and Isaiah Todd was 48th

Interesting. It will be fascinating to watch how their careers and specifically their initial foray into the NBA works out. Todd was over-ranked as a recruit because of what he might become. We’ll see if the G-League helps him get a better draft spot or opens some eyes for the NBA scouts when they see him every day and lowers his “potential”.


He finished 20th on the composite. So if he’s drafted 48th after 1 year(when you factor in non-early entries and foreign players) he probably wasn’t too overrated by the end of the process. He definitely may have been overrated if the rankings were based on college production