2021-22 College Basketball Gambling Thread

Let’s try to keep all talk about spreads, gambling, picks, leans, vibes and parlays to this thread. Feel free to post your picks, track your picks, analyze games and whatever else. Also try to keep that stuff out of the other more general threads.

Opening night lines out currently: Kansas (-5.5) vs. Michigan State and Duke (-1) vs. Kentucky.

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I know MSU usually loses the high-profile opening night game, but Kansas seems like a pretty weird collection of talent this year that will take a few weeks to come together. Lots of transfers + no Wilson = MSU victory

Kansas Kentucky ML parlay

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Yup that’s my pick too. Only way I see it going wrong is if Banchero dominates.

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is this a voodoo magic free area?

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3 Championship futures to start the season:

Michigan +900
Duke +1500
Alabama +2000

My futures I like are:
Baylor +2000
Kansas +1500


I have Kansas at +4000

when and where did you get that?

Sorry +2000

Before this get answered, wasn’t there a rule last year that we were suspended if we named specific gambling services? Is that still a rule @umhoops ?

Some of my plays for tonight

Ohio +3.5 v Belmont
Purdue -21.5 v Bellarmine
Alabama -11.5 v LaTech
Duke -0.5 v Kentucky
UCLA team o78.5

My square favorite picks:

St. Thomas -5
Toledo -4
Nebraska -15
Duke -112 ML

Duke feels like a trap to me but I’d stay away from that game entirely. I really like Kansas -4, though.


Yeah – let’s avoid advertising certain sportsbook, gambling publications, other places in this thread. Just stick to posting picks and thoughts.

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Three favorites tonight:
Belmont -3.5
Oral Roberts +12.5
UCLA -20.5

Also sprinkling MSU ML and Duke ML.

And if you wanna get crazy, a parlay with these 11 favorites to win is close to even odds and I just can’t see where it loses.

  • Ohio State ML vs. Akron
  • Indiana ML vs. Eastern Michigan
  • Maryland ML vs. Quinnipiac
  • Arkansas ML vs. Mercer
  • Florida ML vs. Elon
  • Memphis ML vs. Tennessee Tech
  • Houston ML vs. Hofstra
  • Alabama ML vs. Louisiana Tech
  • Arizona ML vs. Northern Arizona
  • UCLA ML vs. CSU Bakersfield
  • Stanford ML vs. Tarleton State
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One profitable system I’ve used in the past (don’t live in a legal state unfortunately now :rofl:) is betting favorites with huge spreads for high-major teams against SWAC/MEAC teams, especially when they first open and before they get bet up.


I like Loyola Marymount -8.5 and Indiana State -2.5

Not tons of reasoning there except big travel to Marymount and Indiana State hired an awesome coach this offseason

I am staying away from Champions Classic now that the O/U on KU-MSU has been bet down 5 points

This dude is a bucket. Killed it on the USA team. Surprised he didn’t transfer to a more lucrative program after his freshman season