2021-2022 Call Your Shot Thread

@Boards had a great idea that we should do a call your shot and be proven silly, wrong, right, or just nutty.

All done in good fun but also to revisit after season is done.

Here is mine

  1. Michigan is a final four team
  2. Kobe Buflkin will be best freshman
  3. We will see a fab five freshman look at some point (Frankie Collins, Kobe Bufkin, Isaiah Barnes, Caleb Houstan, Moussa Diabete) check into a game during the season.

Seasons around corner. Throw them up and let’s be proven right, wrong, or just downright called Nostradamus at end of year.


Terrance Williams will play 22+ minutes/game in the back end of the year


Great idea!

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Smh put some respekt on my boy, Will Tschetter.

Here’s mine: Caleb Houstan will lead the team in scoring per game.

Well that is an option too! I debated adding Will but decided to pick one so if the order doesn’t happen I get proving wrong.

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  1. Hunter’s offensive production drops off slightly from where it was his freshman year but he becomes a better defender.
  2. Johns plays at a consistent level with performances matching his tournament run last year, but not much better.
  3. Bufkin will be really good and we’ll be wondering if he should be starting.
  4. Houstan will bust out things we didn’t imagine we’d be seeing from him like good ball handling and playmaking (complete shot in the dark here, this is supposed to be a fun thread). Not just a shooter ™
  5. Diabate will be a starter by year’s end at the 4. He will be a lottery pick.
  6. Zeb Jackson improves by leaps and bounds.

Sure, let’s have fun.

  1. Johns enters conference play shooting above 35% from three🔥

  2. Hunter flirts with 3 APG.

  3. Houstan will win the most Freshman of the Week awards for UM, but Diabate will win the first.

Bonus - Turgeon + Underwood will combine for more technical fouls against Michigan than Izzo + Fran.


Bufkin third leading scorer on the team

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Go more bold. Eli Brooks moves into a coaching role because he wants Bufkin to have all his minutes


Hunter NPOY


Michigan will make the second weekend of the tournament


Sorry if any of these have already been said:

  1. Zeb Jackson makes a real solid Sophomore jump and is a featured rotational piece
  2. We end up using a lot more small-ball looks than people expect, Moussa is one of the best defensive bigs in the Big Ten, and Hunters points decrease a bit but he stays in NPOTY conversation for most of the year
  3. Brandon Johns doubles his PPG from last season
  4. Kobe makes a real run at Big Ten FOTY but someone else with more PT (Like Christie, Houstan, or McGowens) wins it largely due to increased numbers from having more of said PT
  5. Someone else wins the Big Ten and Big Ten tourney but Michigan is the last Big Ten team standing in the tournament (again) and this time in the Final Four.

Caleb Houstan Big Ten POTY
Michigan #1 overall seed going into March Madness


Moussa and Collins emerge as the most impactful freshmen yet only Houston is a one-and-done.

U-M raises twice as many banners to begin next season as they do this season.

Hunter will order triple chicken.


Michigan-Illinois switch roles this year, with Illinois winning the conference regular season but Michigan playing better in late February/early March, with Michigan destroying Illinois late in the regular season and winning the conference tourney.

Michigan’s shooting doesn’t take as big of a step back as some think, with Johns, Williams, and Jones shooting better than ~37.5% from deep due to HD creating a vacuum for defenders in the paint.

Jones is the highest Michigan draft pick because Houstan decides to run it back.

On the “Moving Screen” podcast, Brendan Quinn will make judicious use of the phrase “they’ve got some dudes”


Also on the moving screen, Dylan makes fun of BQs Farts Russell love.


Farts Russell?? :joy:


The starting 5 at the beginning of January is:

DeVante Jones
Eli Brooks
Terrance Williams
Caleb Houstan
Hunter Dickinson

Billy Cheddar shines in the non-conference but will have to wait until next year to see minutes. Everyone wants him to see the court but Johns and Moussa are too good to give up minutes.

There is no answer at back up 5. Anytime Dickinson gets 2 early, Michigan cannot pull away and probably loses half of the games with Hunter in foul trouble.

  1. 10 players average 8+ minutes.
  2. Zero players average 31+ minutes.
  3. We have zero one and dones.
  4. This will be the last year here for at least 1 assistant coach.
  5. Dylan writes an article that contains zero statistics.