2020 Transfer Market

Could Towns play some 2 for us? It looks like he’s fairly comfortable with the ball in his hands, reminds me a bit of Franz actually. Not sure how he would be defensively against some smaller, quicker guards but he might make up for some of that with his size. Obviously the big unknown is future health concerns and his recovery from the past injuries.

Big name in the transfer portal

He’ll be an interesting player to watch. Put up big counting numbers (led VT in scoring at 15.5 PPG, 2nd in team in assists and rebounding at 2.4 APG and 5.8 RPG) but was dreadful according to Torvik. 89.8 ORTG on 33% USG and that’s even worse in conference play (82.1 ORTG and 34.2% USG). His rate stats are generally fine in terms of rebound rate, assist rate, turnover rate, etc. but he’s brought down by just atrocious shooting numbers and shot selection.

He attempted over 450 shots last year, with over half of them (~250) being 2s. He shot 41.7% on those 2s because 170 of them were others 2’s that he shot 37% on. He also shot 31.6% on his 215ish 3s, but it’s worse in conference where he shot 24.6% on almost 7 attempts per game.

He’s a RS Fr so he’s young and has time to improve. But he’ll only have 2 years of eligibility left if he doesn’t get an immediate waiver. It’s possible he gets a lot more efficient on a different team if he doesn’t have to be the lead banana, or it just comes with age. But I don’t know that I’d want my team to go after him (obviously assuming Michigan won’t because numbers are already an issue).

Bryce Aiken has heard from juwan, another sign that a lot of attrition is coming


Yep. Some sure to be a surprise.

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Said he’s hoping to hear from MSU :unamused:


You hear any rumblings that you can share?

No. Not at this time.

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I think the only two that would surprise me would be Dejulius and Johns. Castleton, Nunez and Bajema wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. So yeah, if it is one of those two, that’d be pretty shocking.


Brooks would be the only surprising transfer to me.


Yeah I didn’t even bring up Eli because I assumed his transfer wouldn’t be a thing. I put him in the Wagner and Livers category that it wasn’t even an option. He was a starter who played heavy minutes and will be a graduating senior next year. I assume even with JC that he would start and play a lot of minutes next year too. So yeah, he would absolutely be surprising. I mean maybe he’d want to go somewhere to be a star, but he would have to drop to the mid major level to do that. So yeah, that would be shocking.

DDJ and Johns were my surprising picks because they are local kids who badly wanted to go to Michigan and both seemingly love Juwan. Obviously I’m sure they’d like bigger roles, but it’s not a guarantee that they won’t earn bigger roles in their last 2 years (without X and Teske) and it’s also no guarantee that they’d get those roles elsewhere at a HM level.


No idea what’s going on with Wichita St. They really tanked toward the end of the year, but should have been returning nearly everyone this next season and were set up to be really good. Now 2 sophomore starters are transferring, a rotation freshman, and other freshman. I was really wanting Michigan to make a run at Marshall this past offseason but supposedly Marshall’s demeanor and reputation made that impossible.

Franz/Livers are the only two that would truly shock me. I feel like if they left it would be for pro opportunities.

Eli is basically at the same level. Only reason I have him slightly lower is because it’s possible he could graduate after 3 years and be eligible for a grad transfer. In which case if he’s really scared about minutes because of Christopher he could leave. But all of that seems highly unlikely to me.

DDJ and Johns would be surprising but I could see why. Both are sophomores who just took big leaps forwards in terms of minutes and production. Both are in line for major roles (potentially starting?) Next year. Both are from Michigan, meaning greater ties to staying and much less likely to get an immediate waiver to play if they transfered, and both have talked about a good relationship with Juwan. All of those make me think they wouldn’t transfer. But if either one, or both, just said they want more guaranteed minutes, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see them leave.

No one else would be surprising in the least IMO.


Apparently a bunch of Reddit WSU fans are saying this was expected (to a degree). The team collapsed down the stretch and had a bunch of chemistry problems. Also apparently Marshall is really hard to play for.

Gordon and Fernandez didn’t play so they’re not too surprising. Stevenson and his family were apparently major problems so that one’s not surprising. But Burton and Sheffield I think are.

They also lost 5 players to transfer in 2018 too. So having this happen twice in 3 years is a major red flag.

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I have not looked into the situation at WSU at all so this is not specific to this situation but I would like to know how often situations like this are mutual rather than a kid leaving on his own terms. I could see, especially from very demanding coaches, kids leaving but the coach being okay with that. Sometimes guys just aren’t the right fit and certain coaching styles may lend themselves to more transfers than other styles. And (just guessing) both parties are okay when that happens.

High level interior player. Not the tell-all-be-all but I find it a little noteworthy that Michigan hasn’t shown interest. Makes me think most the attrition will likely come from the perimeter or even if Michigan does lose some forwards/bigs, they prefer replacing it with more perimeter talent.

I’m not jumping to conclusions but something like that crossed my mind after reading that article.

With nothing to do I need to find things that can occupy my mind :slight_smile:

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Oh wow. With no visits.

Gotta believe he’s bound for OSU.

Maryland and Marquette were 2 schools that recruited him before. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him end up at one of them since both have major guard minutes opening up.