2020 recruiting


Michigan and Michigan State were at Benton Harbor to see 2020 6’6 SF Carlos Scooby Johnson. Benton Harbor destroyed Mattawan 80-45. Mattawan was 8-1 in Class A coming into that game. Scooby has 23 & 11 rebounds.

He is trending up big time. I sent Princeton University out there earlier this week to check him out and they absolutely loved him too. Scooby reportedly has a 4.0. Has the grades and the talent. Hopefully Michigan prioritizes him. He’s the 2020 equivalent to Romeo Weems.


Really? I like him but I wasn’t awed. He looks like a solid player but he didn’t blow me away. He just looked like he was bigger than everyone. He seemed like he was in control and had solid fundamentals. I’d like to see more against better competition.


I take that back you said there were some d1 players and 6 7 guys’ matched up. Solid player. I’d like to see more


He had 18 rebounds in the Peach Jam semi finals, then a double-double in the peach jam title game for the Family 15u that won every tournament in July. I am sure this kid is the real deal. He is a D1 talent easy. In the game against Mattawan, Carlos was frequently defending and being defended by Nolan Foster, a 6’10 Center who has multiple D1 offers himself. He gave up 4+ inches and a year age/grade and still outplayed him. I was a little skeptical of Johnson last year but his development over the summer has me convinced he is the real deal. The word out of Benton Harbor from what I heard is that he is the best player from there since Wilson Chandler. Not saying he is that level of player, but that is a very high praise being placed on him as only a sophomore.


He plays methodically which I like. I guess he wasn’t super springy but that’s ok. Trying to remember he’s a sophomore too. Has nice form and he looks like he has great body control and squares up well. What I really liked was some of those full court out let passes that were straight dimes. Obviously you won’t get away with that at a higher level but the vision and accuracy was great.


Man is the State producing talent lately.


Looks like 4 of the top 5 in state kids were there Sunday.


Seems that Michigan is also making Rivera a major priority in 2020. He plays for the same AAU program as DJ Carton.


I know June is a ways away but who are the front runners for the first offers in this class? Also wonder how much scholarship numbers will play a role in that.


Gotta think Isaiah Jackson is up there.


Sophomore Highlights. Looks to be more of a 5 man at this point if he were to play for us. Lots of athleticism and shot blocking but might be a bit on the small side (6’7? 6’8? but could still grow a couple of inches). Pretty skinny but could become a monster when he fills out. Don’t know much about his perimeter game, they showed 4 of them at the 3:30 mark. Hopefully those weren’t the only ones he made all year haha.


Very impressive. Coach b couod kill with that potential


Sacha killyea jones is transferring. Get Charles on the phone and let him know. All five star Kentucky cast offs please apply. Coach b will get you ready for the 2021 draft kid o , come aboard the good guys.


I don’t think a 40% free throw shooter would be good for my heart after this past season.


Or Beilein’s, give the old man a break.


Stop being so negative. I’m sure that after the transfer year and a lot of work in the gym he can get that number up to 58%.


Isaiah Jackson has some tools to work with. Some are saying he is a 5 but I can see him as a 4. He has good movement and seems quick and of course very long. Seems to be able to handle the rock well for his size and his shot is not broken. Plus he is home ground. Add some Sanderson strength and conditioning JB could create a monster.


Matt D profiles 2020 target Zeb Jackson


Jackson plays some pretty awful competition in high school. I played in the same conference when I was in school. I’m 6’2” but was maaaaaybe 6’0” in high school. And I was the center for my team. And I wasn’t overmatched by height often. So you kind of get the idea.

But if he’s able to play well in AAU despite the large jump in competition, I think that says something about the player.

I work at an elementary school less than five minutes from MVCD. So if he becomes a serious target, I’ll definitely be able to check out some games.


This is an even bigger target than Anthony IMO. Corey Evans (Rivals) I believe said this weekend that Hampton might be the best point guard in the country. In any class currently in high school. High praise.