2020 Recruiting Notes

This idea that kids/families don’t like each other isn’t something new. It happens quite a bit. Some kids/families it’s a huge deal and for others it isn’t.

Every recruiting story is different and this kid could be as well.

Oh for sure–I can tell you stories of players and families at war from way back. The difference here is the involvement of the Irvins. They have always had a very large say in where “their kids” went to college, and in this case, whether it was them or they were playing “bad guy” for the Dosemnus, they laid down an ultimatum to Illinois–no Horton-Tucker or no Dosemnu and, if the latter, no Mac Irvin Fire/Morgan Park kids going forward. They also made it clear that if Illinois backed off Horton-Tucker, Brad Underwood and his staff would be sitting pretty for future Morgan Park/Mac Irvin Fire kids. I just don’t see Beilein playing in that swimming pool.

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Michigan has been interested in him. They were one of the first schools to show some interest in him. That’s his dream school. But as of now I do not think he is of the quality Michigan is looking for. He is still probably one of the best athletes I have seen, but his ball handling and jump shot have not developed a ton since last year. If Michigan ever offers him I’d bet he would commit pretty quick though. But I don’t think he is of quality as of now. He’s a 6’2 small Forward. Hopefully he develops his perimeter game some more in the near future and can become more of a combo guard. He’s a good mid major D1 target as of now. I’m sure Michigan will remain interested in him going forward, as they should, but if I’m Michigan in 2020 looking for in state prospects, Jalen Terry- 5’11 PG Flint beecher, Isaiah Jackson- 6’8 Forward Old Redford Academy/The Family, Carlos Johnson- 6’6 Benton harbor/The Family SF, Kevin-David Rice- 6’3 combo guard Goodrich/The family (Glenn Rice’s nephew), Trell fordham- 6’4 SG Goodrich/The Elite and Wendell Green- 5’10 PG Country day/Michigan Playmakers would all for sure be better prospects in 2020 as of now. Maybe even a few more in 2020. To add into it, Steve gets stuck in the SF position for both high school and AAU, so it’s hard to know exactly how skilled he really is because he has not had a huge sample size of playing at the 1 or 2 position.


2020 6’6 Benton Harbor SF Carlos Johnson 3 game highlights from this past Tuesday at the GR Union Pre-Thanksgiving scrimmages. The scrimmages were only 15 minute running clocks as well. Johnson reminds me an awful lot of Romeo Weems and I like his game more and more each time I have watched him. Should be considered a top 100 player nationally even if scouting services do not have him placed there.

Also, almost all these clips were when Johnson was being matched up with future D1 wings themselves. 2018 Seth Millner for Grand Rapids Christian. Considered by many to be the top available 2018 still uncommitted. Has at least 5 mid major offers. And also Markeese Hastings- 6’7 Forward from Godwin Heights and Butler commit. Johnson more than held his own against both and you could make a strong case he even outplayed both when matched up against each of them. Big time talent.

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Both are top 100 national targets in their classes.


Haven’t heard anything about Jackson. Legit interest or more tagging along with Watts?

Hope it’s a good crowd tomorrow. Tough to compete with breslin for a top 5 matchup when it comes to the experience.

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@LosAngelesWolverine1Regarding the 2020 in state guys, I do not know a lot because it is so early for Michigan as well. Right now I think Michigan should prioritize 6’8 Old Redford Academy forward Isaiah Jackson and 6’6 Benton Harbor SF Carlos Scooby Johnson. Jackson plays on the same high school team as Rocket Watts, so Belein and staff could really prioritize that team for two of the top in state prospects. Jackson already has a offer list that is better than most 2018s and 2019s. He is a easy top 50 player nationally in 2020 right now. Recently, he did a interview with a friend of mine who works for Michigan Insider 247 and Jackson told him he prefers Michigan of all schools right now. Personally, I take it with a major grain of salt because he could have just been saying that because it was U of M guy reaching out. Hopefully he meant it. But even if he does, he won’t get an offer until June, and even if he does, there is a lot of time between now and when he graduates high school.

For Johnson, I know Michigan has shown some interest, but not a ton. He is a super underrated prospect and is under appreciated by national scouts. The offers will roll in soon for him. He is the 2020 equivalent of Romeo Weems, and personally I think he is better than Weems at this stage. MSU has put a lot of effort into him even though it is early in his recruitment. He has visited there multiple times in the last few months.

It seems like the top prospect for Michigan right now is Flint Beecher point guard Jalen Terry, but he may be slipping down their board quickly because he, and Beecher, have played poorly in any of their big games so far this season. Against Cass Tech, who might be Michigan’s top high school team alongside Clarkson, Beecher lost by 30+ and Terry did nothing. Michigan’s staff left early from that one I think. Most recently, Terry and Beecher played UD Jesuit, and he reportedly had around 10 turnovers and Beecher lost 38-37 to a half strength UDJ team that was missing its top 2 players. Their two best players are missing and they beat a full strength Beecher team and forced their top player (Terry) to 10 turnovers. Not good. So I am not sure where Michigan sits with Terry now. If Terry has a strong remainder of the season and a great AAU I would not be shocked if Michigan offered him in June, but we will see. I know he really likes Michigan and wants them to recruit him. He talked to me about it in July. But right now, I would put both Jackson and Johnson above Terry now until Terry can prove he belongs back on top. Johnson and Jackson have had dominant starts this high school season and are starring for two of the best teams in Class B. All three of these guys will be players worth tracking heavily in the coming months.


Highlights from a game this year for Jackson with Belein in attendance. Kid is a freakishly long and athletic.

Highlights of carlos scooby johnson from Thanksgiving preseason scrimmages.


Not sure if these names have been touched upon in this thread or not but a couple more names that have popped up and appear to be serious interest as of now are 6’3 Combo Guard Adam Miller from Morgan Park high school in Illinois and 6’3 Combo Guard Nimari Burnett. Burnett is formerly from Morgan Park but currently plays at Prolific Prep. I watched him In Dayton, Ohio last weekend. Burnett is a phenomenal player who is a legit combo guard. At 6’3 with a pure stroke, good size and a great IQ and feel for the game, he has the skill set to play either position well. He starred for Prolific Prep in Dayton at Flyin to the Hoop and PP beat IMG Academy and Garfield Heights.

As of now I know Burnett only has 2 notable offers. Illinois and DePaul. So hopefully Michigan will jump in on him. I think the kid is a 50-60 player in the country for 2020.

Miller is much more well known at this stage, and its for good reason. He is regarded as a top 30 or 40 player in early rankings nationally and has offers from schools like Kansas, Illinois, Wake Forest, Memphis and several more programs. He’s a silky smooth lefty who’s a really good athlete as well. Both will be names to watch.


Thanks very much for the info, glad to have you on the forum you are posting some great info. Curious if you have heard any new 19 names? Have some great pieces in place, hoping we get a creator or even two to complete the roster.

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You were in Dayton last week? How did jeenathan Williams look? Still very odd. Tons of big offers, goes to prolific prep for what would seem as a way to showcase himself and get more attention, then immediately commits to Buffalo? I saw he had some highlight dunks but wondering if he’s developing skill wise. He looked bigger in recent photos, was already pretty built.

Lol. Just because you say he is high major doesn’t make it so.

That dude is good. Buffalo got a steal in Williams. He’s extremely physical and impacts the game on both ends. Solid passer too. No major weaknesses in his game outside his jump shot which needs a lot of work. In today’s brand of basketball though, not having a jump shot is a pretty major issue for a lot of programs, no matter how good you are at everything else. Only position that seems to be willing to recruit high level while lacking a jump shot would be the center position.

From what I was hearing at Flyin to the Hoop, Williams had a sub par July and looked a little out of shape. Most schools backed off some or completely but Buffalo stayed on him hard. I think between that and being closer to home he made the decision to go there. He’s a stud though I don’t think there are 150 players in the country in 2018 better than him. Would not be suprised if he is Freshman all conference next year and is a 2 or 3x all MAC player there. Huge pickup for Nate Oats and staff.

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@slyboogie2 I really appreciate that you have cemented that I will spend an extra 5 minutes each day (starting next year) looking at Buffalo’s box score to see how Jeenathan Williams is doing, just because of your constant endorsements lol. (by the way, zero offense meant by that)


Lol no offense taken. I think he’s gonna be a monster at that school. Like he noted there is no way hes not a top 150 kid. He’s top 100 all day. Can’t wait to see what he does. I’m praying Stewart does not go to Michigan st. That kid is so big abd strong and plays with such a high motor. It would be a nightmare to deal with.

Wish our recruitment for both had been real. I love nunezs game and potential but if Williams has been our fifth recruit, man we would have been loaded. Class still is but still. Very strong, super athletic and a nice mid range game. I think with ignas and John’s we got some slashing and physicality in the class but still it would have been sick.

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Williams is a big time player, but I don’t think he really fit Michigan offensively. I’m ok with them passing on him, especially for what they got. Who are you referring to with Stewart?

My bad Isaiah Stewart. He’s another rochester kid. Plays at la lu now. I’ve been ranting about him since I first saw him two years ago on here but now the ranking and hype is following. I know msu was recruiting him. I don’t know much about who he is leaning towards at all. I do know he’s a huge Ewing fan being Jamaican.

Msu fits well stylistically and I know they were intersted at one point. I’d be pretty sad to see that.

Also yes stylistically Williams isn’t the best fit here but that’s why I would have liked it. Kinda like Mathews he’d go against the grain a bit, which would help us I feel like. More versatility and help in areas we aren’t always the best in.