2020 Recruiting Notes

I posted that just to imply that we will find out if Michigan is seriously recruiting him when he announces. If Michigan is, then it shows they have been it’s just not being publicized.

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Its been weird with him and steward, miller has never talked about Michigan and steward only did when sam Webb directly asked him about Michigan. Both of them also seem to put their offers out there and neither has with um so it seems pretty clear neither has a UM offer. Seems really odd though because they seemed like 2 of the most obvious recruits juwan would chase.


I think Juwan was at the Team WhyNot vs Boo Williams game. On the live stream the announcers were joking about a team running out of TOs late in the game and brought him up and were saying he’s gotta be having flashbacks. I doubt they’d do that unless he was there.

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Oh I know. I was just curious because I’m really surprised I haven’t heard a thing about him and Michigan.

Maybe Juwan knows they aren’t recruitable by Michigan? I have no idea if that is the case, but remember that a lot of kids were not recruitable under JB for various reasons and I expect that won’t change all that much under Juwan.


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Michigan being mentioned with 2020 Canadian Guard Karim Mane. I heard Mane is old for his grade and is seriously considering skipping college and doing something similar to Darius Bazely or going overseas as well.


He’s already 20.

I believe Saddi is at Adidas based on the tweet Corey Evans put out regarding Walker Kessler earlier today. Juwan, Martelli and Eisley are at the game. It’s on ESPNU if anyone wants to watch. Burnett has played well but Mokan is winning.


Just turned on the Peach Jam Final. Has Nimari’s wingspan been measured? Looks long.

Not sure. Has to be at least 6’7 wingspan

Josh Christopher was interviewed on ESPNU and was asked who’s recruiting him hardest. First team he mentioned was Michigan. Cameras have shown Juwan several times throughout the game. Kids who love the cameras should love Michigan because Juwan will attract the media. Christopher would fit that type of player but we will see if Howard can pull it off.


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I am sticking to my prediction from earlier this week that um emerges as a major factor for Christopher.

I don’t think there is a Michigan fan around who would be mad if that was true

Is it safe to assume Adam Miller isn’t a priority, seeing as multiple guards in the class have been offered already? My biggest concern would be M staying in the race for some of the top guys to later fall out of contention, and having not enough time to hop into other recruitments. No doubt that this is a time of high uncertainty, feels like I will spend most of summer/fall anxiously speculating like I am now

One of the big guys on 24/7 (might’ve been Snow, but I forget who exactly) said Auburn is heavily trending for Kessler.

Now that the staff has had (a little bit) of time to hit the road & see prospects in person + (a little bit) of time to work with the returning players, I think the next 10-15 days will be interesting to gauge the staff’s efforts/priorities.

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With Ware and Coleman getting offers, who is everyone’s pick for the next offer in this class?