2020 Recruiting Notes


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@slyboogie2 I really appreciate that you have cemented that I will spend an extra 5 minutes each day (starting next year) looking at Buffalo’s box score to see how Jeenathan Williams is doing, just because of your constant endorsements lol. (by the way, zero offense meant by that)


Lol no offense taken. I think he’s gonna be a monster at that school. Like he noted there is no way hes not a top 150 kid. He’s top 100 all day. Can’t wait to see what he does. I’m praying Stewart does not go to Michigan st. That kid is so big abd strong and plays with such a high motor. It would be a nightmare to deal with.

Wish our recruitment for both had been real. I love nunezs game and potential but if Williams has been our fifth recruit, man we would have been loaded. Class still is but still. Very strong, super athletic and a nice mid range game. I think with ignas and John’s we got some slashing and physicality in the class but still it would have been sick.


Williams is a big time player, but I don’t think he really fit Michigan offensively. I’m ok with them passing on him, especially for what they got. Who are you referring to with Stewart?


My bad Isaiah Stewart. He’s another rochester kid. Plays at la lu now. I’ve been ranting about him since I first saw him two years ago on here but now the ranking and hype is following. I know msu was recruiting him. I don’t know much about who he is leaning towards at all. I do know he’s a huge Ewing fan being Jamaican.

Msu fits well stylistically and I know they were intersted at one point. I’d be pretty sad to see that.

Also yes stylistically Williams isn’t the best fit here but that’s why I would have liked it. Kinda like Mathews he’d go against the grain a bit, which would help us I feel like. More versatility and help in areas we aren’t always the best in.


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Man is the State producing talent lately.


Looks like 4 of the top 5 in state kids were there Sunday.


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I know June is a ways away but who are the front runners for the first offers in this class? Also wonder how much scholarship numbers will play a role in that.


Gotta think Isaiah Jackson is up there.


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Very impressive. Coach b couod kill with that potential


Sacha killyea jones is transferring. Get Charles on the phone and let him know. All five star Kentucky cast offs please apply. Coach b will get you ready for the 2021 draft kid o , come aboard the good guys.


I don’t think a 40% free throw shooter would be good for my heart after this past season.


Or Beilein’s, give the old man a break.


Stop being so negative. I’m sure that after the transfer year and a lot of work in the gym he can get that number up to 58%.


Isaiah Jackson has some tools to work with. Some are saying he is a 5 but I can see him as a 4. He has good movement and seems quick and of course very long. Seems to be able to handle the rock well for his size and his shot is not broken. Plus he is home ground. Add some Sanderson strength and conditioning JB could create a monster.


Matt D profiles 2020 target Zeb Jackson


Jackson plays some pretty awful competition in high school. I played in the same conference when I was in school. I’m 6’2” but was maaaaaybe 6’0” in high school. And I was the center for my team. And I wasn’t overmatched by height often. So you kind of get the idea.

But if he’s able to play well in AAU despite the large jump in competition, I think that says something about the player.

I work at an elementary school less than five minutes from MVCD. So if he becomes a serious target, I’ll definitely be able to check out some games.