2020 Recruiting Notes


Most likely. I don’t like Michigan’s chances was just saying I see where he’d be useful if brought in.


Sharife Cooper highlights at the City of Palms tournament. Was MVP of the entire event.


The question becomes, could Sharife Cooper play alongside Zeb Jackson ? Offensively Cooper and Jackson would be fun to watch but would they be over-powered defensively by bigger guards ? I’ve always been surprised more teams haven’t tried to duplicate Villanova’s success under Jay Wright of playing multiple quality PG’s at the same time.


Lots of teams try to play two pgs at the same time.


Yeah, UCONN also won a title with 2 PGs recently.

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I saw Michigan target (or at least former Michigan target, as his recruitment may or may not be impacted by the Zeb Jackson commitment) D. J. Steward of Chicago Whitney Young live yesterday. Steward’s team advanced to the Proviso West Championship by beating his former team, Fenwick Stewart was magnificent—28 points, including 4-8 from 3, a whole variety of circus shots in the lane, and some great assists, both in transition and in traffic. Young has him playing off the ball, which may not be his best spot, as he clearly has point guard skills and vision, and he’s only about 6’1”-6’2”, albeit with long arms, though he’s more a scorer and secondary creator for others than a floor general. His release on his outside jumper is a bit slow, but he’s so quick and athletic as a finisher that he gets it off without a problem because Fenwick didn’t want to get in his grill for fear of being blown by. He does need to work on the release though, to combat players like Zavier Simpson at the college level. Defensively, he’s very aggressive on the ball, but ball watches all the time when he’s off ball, and is thus susceptible to back door cuts and getting caught up in screening action—this can be coached out of him, I believe. The best player comparison my friend and I could come up with was Aaron Holiday, formerly of UCLA, now playing in his first year with the Indiana Pacers. Definitely a top 50 talent–a bit underrated in the mid 60s as he’s currently placed.


Not exactly sure where this goes or who they were looking at


That tweet was a while ago… Dalen Terry and Kyree Walker play for Hillcrest. Here’s another tweet from the same day.


Can anyone read this article? Just wondering if there is any mention of Michigan.


No mention. Mentions Kentucky, Auburn, Arizona, UCLA, but says he’s still wide open.



He actually posted it 5 days ago. I’m amazed nobody noticed it until today


This was also posted in early December. Not sure if anyone posted it here.


I guess it’s time to throw this kid’s name into the mix of “serious targets” since Michigan is willing to spend one of its officials on the kid and the kid on us.


Have to imagine if they are burning an official that he will get an offer


You do or don’t think Michigan will/has offered?


My question is who is the next to get an offer? Obviously the kid has to visit but Fletcher or Abdur Rahim or Cunningham? Those three maybe my hopes so any other names?


I would say that all three would probably get an offer if/when they visit.


Am I the only one expecting phenomenal classes in 2019-2020?

Considering the roll we have been on.