2020 Recruiting Notes

And makes me think we’re going to see Johns and Castleton playing that type of game over the next few years.



ESPN 60 for 2020 updated, here’s the notables for Michigan, I tried to go back through this thread from the past month and include anyone whose name there was, I may have missed some though:

R.J. Hampton - 3
Jaden Springer - 14
Isaiah Jackson - 15
Hunter Dickinson - 21
Jabri Abdur-Rahim - 22
Walker Kessler - 31
Dawson Garcia - 32
Xavier Foster - 33
Micah Peavy - 39
Caleb Love - 40
Isaiah Cottrell - 42

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Lance ware is supposedly participating in the camp today, I wonder if he could be the first offer.

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New 247 rankings… some notables (I’m not real up to speed on all of the top 2020 targets yet so I’m sure I’m missing some guys):

#7 RJ Hampton
#16 Isaiah Jackson
#25 Hunter Dickinson
#26 Jalen Terry
#30 Adam Miller
#44 Lance Ware
#70 Ethan Morton
#96 Zeb Jackson
#99 Scooby Johnson

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Rivals just posted a paywalled article about an interview with #5 Greg Brown and his interest in Michigan.

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Is it Mo Bamba/Jaylen Brown interest or Cole Anthony interest?

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Sorry for the mess of new topics :slight_smile:

Setting up our 2020 hot board here and linking new profiles to discussion topics. We are also including the latest subscriber video that we’ve posted for each player on the recruiting profiles. Take a look.

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Corey Walker from Florida was mentioned above. Write-up from Rivals


New 2020 rankings

Zeb Jackson was a big riser up to 57 from 95

I have a hard time reading right now who Michigan’s top 2020 targets are. Zeb Jackson is surely one of the targets for a guard, but I wonder what the order of their board is at each position right now. Based on all the players mentioned for 2020, in your and everyone else’s opinion on this forum, who would your hot board be in each position in numerical order? I’m curious who everyone’s top choice would be at PG, CG/SG, SF, PF/Stretch 4 and 5. Mind you this is not saying Michigan will pick up most these guys, I’m just saying what would everyone’s hierarchy for potential targets be as of now, for each position in 2020

In my opinion looking at it realisticly at each position my top choices are as follows:

Point/Combo - Zeb Jackson/Lorne Bowman
Combo/SG - Carlos Johnson/Ethan Morton
SF - Lance Ware/Carlos Johnson
PF/Stretch - Isaiah Jackson
5 - Hunter Dickinson

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Is Isiah Jackson a 4 man? I thought he was allergic to putting the ball on the deck or shooting.

I think you have a lot of guys listed a position down from where they’d play at UM.

Really want Zeb Jackson, mostly because his school is less than 5 minutes from where I work and I can check out a lot of his games.

I wonder who Michigan will offer first in 2020. Wouldn’t be shocked if Zeb got one. I like his game a lot. Great size to play the one or two. Wouldn’t be upset at all if Michigan pursued him hard.

Carlson visits soon and is a good bet to get an offer.

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You sure about that? Isaiah Jackson has visited several times and hasn’t gotten a offer. Jalen Terry, Carlos Johns and Lorne Bowman all have as well, no offer. I believe Zeb Jackson has visited a few times too and several other highly rated players like Lance Ware have too.

If so, I wouldn’t be mad at all. I like his game a lot. Watched him over Memorial Weekend in Chicago. But i would be surprised about it since Isaiah jackson is right in Michigan’s back yard, and is considered by many to be the premier shot blocker/defensive player in the 2020 class or 2nd best behind Scottie Barnes. Not to mention he’s an athletic freak who moves like a track sprinter, and has a good looking jump shot to work with. I heard Zeb Jackson could be close to getting an offer as well. Jackson Carlson for 2020 would be a couple good offers to put out.