2020 Recruiting Notes


Dammit! :slight_smile:


with a 7’ wingspan? something’s wrong with that whole row.


On the next column, almost directly opposite Calip’s name, there is a center listed at 6’1, 154.8 and 73" wingspan. Definitely something wrong with both rows. Hmmm, perhaps someone at Nike or whoever wrote the list should have done some editing before publishing. I’m thinking Calip is 6’1 or 6’1.5, 155-165 with a wingspan in the ?, maybe 73ish range. Just a guess.




Offer Day? How many do we think are going to go out? If any? My guess is at least 1 (to Isaiah Jackson)


Who else are we after ? Jackson’s name is the only one I hear. He should be a priority too, could be special.


Broke down a bunch of video of 2020 targets this week. I wouldn’t expect a ton of offers early given the class could be small and I’m not sure you really know what the roster is going to look like quite yet.


Carlos Johnson from Benton Harbor. Home grown with good size as a 2 or 3 with decent handles.


A few new names


Isn’t Elijah Wood only like 5’6? Also not a lot of upside there, considering he’s got to be close to 40 at this point.


Good one Dad.


Student sections will have fun with him, count on it.


He can turn invisible, though–he averages like 15 steals per game.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t work against Ohio State–they can actually see him better when he goes invisible.


Ahh yes I forgot about him. I thought he was a 3/4 tweener?


Don’t have a ton of time to watch film on those new names yet. Any jump out to you?


Also interesting to me is there’s a few Georgia/ fla kids there. I swear coach b finds a new region every class that has the big talent and focuses in


Elijah Wood - huge upside. Glad we are recruiting him.


More calls



Even more coming…