2020 Recruiting - Guard Priority

We already have a commitment from Zeb Jackson, a 6’2" guard. Still on the board are Moses Moody, Jushua Christopher, and Nimari Burnett. Are all of these takes? Is there room for one more guard, or two? It seems like any of them would be a great addition. Currently, ESPN ranks Christopher at #12, Burnett #19, and Moody #29.

Elsewhere, I believe I read that the ideal class would include 1 big, 2 wings, and 2 guards. Jace Howard could take either the 5th scholarship, or come as a walkon. We already have Zeb at guard and Todd at wing. We’re hoping for Dickinson at the 5, Christopher, Burnett, or Moody at guard, and Howard at wing/forward, unless Peavy or someone else comes as a second wing. Is that correct?

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i feel like we have the best chance at jaygup or nimari from the guard standpoint. let’s see how much momentum we get post signing day

I would say we could take two of Moody, Burnett, Christopher but Moody is complementary of either and the other two wouldn’t go to the same program for usage purposes.

Howard can’t be a walk-on because he took an official visit. It’s scholarship or bust.


I think we have the best chance at Moody, and then JC, then Burnett.

I would expect JC to elevate into the top 10 or even top 5 in the rankings soon.

Why are folks feeling so good about Christopher? I feel like with Burnett we appear to at least be in the top two. I have no inclination for Christopher in the same regard


We’ll have space for two additional high ranking wings/guards.

Because Burnett seems to be pretty heavy towards Alabama.

JC I think gets swayed by talent. Getting Todd here I think was big in his recruitment especially considering his Instagram story afterwards. I might be reading too much though.

It’s kinda the same for Moody. I believe he only has a top 7 right now but I definitely feel better about him than about Burnett.

Burnett leaning heavily toward Bama? Thats just not true. Michigan is right there and will be until decision time.

Dickinson will be a piece when it comes to Burnett. Hoping that wraps up soon.

I think we get Moody. I dont think we have much of a shot with Christopher unless UCLA pulls out of the race for whatever reason.


Is this a new official NCAA rule?

Doing a little working backwards on what’s likely to return for 2020-21 to determine what’s needed:
I’m working on the opinion that Austin Davis is not returning next year. Plus, I’m working on the presumption that if this year’s team is successful it means either Livers or Wagner emerged as a star and will have pro options in the spring. And, I’m assuming someone else will transfer out of the program (it almost always happens in the shakeout after a coaching change).

So, good chance Michigan will have upwards of 7 scholarship slots to fill.

But with a base of:
Castelton - I. Todd - Livers/Wagner - Bajema - Z. Jackson
Faulds, Johns, 2 of Brooks/DeJulius/Nunez coming off the bench?
(Note: I DO NOT expect Faulds to actually have a spot in the 2020-21 rotation. Faulds is a placeholder who hopefully gets recruited over, but with the roster information in hand as of today, he’d be in line to get some run.)

With that starting place, a 2-guard and another Center would be top priorities for the class. If Livers ends up being the guy to blowup and go NBA, then a swing forward would probably be a strong addition to give depth at the 3/4 slots; if Wagner is the one who pulls a Brazdeikis & emerges as a 1-and-done, then a 2/3 swing player would be more in line. At least in my opinion.

And either way, with some of the likely attrition to come, Jace Howard as a 6th Freshman in the class would be an interesting option … with possibly a Grad Transfer for a vacant 7th slot?

Damn, bro! An opinion, presumption and assumption in one paragraph. That’s some good shit.


Actually Zeb is closer to 6 ft4 …he’s listed as 6 ft 4 on his new high school website. He really grew and became really athletic…I saw a in game scrimmage video where zeb did a between the legs dunk. I’m excited that he stayed because Zeb is talented.

Franz will not be a one and done but he will be a pro and I hope Livers be a pro but after his senior year. I’m willing to bet my last on both no matter how the season goes. I think Austin is goner.

Peavy will not happen. He is no longer intrested in us…wish he was however.

Peavy?! About 6 months behind again?

World Wide Wes on the sidelines at the Michigan-Notre Dame game (seen w/ Desmond Howard)


sorry if dumb question… any chance we are looking at d wade’s kid?

We are not seriously recruiting him that I am presently aware of. But many things happen that the public doesn’t know so can’t say for certain.

Just something I want to add on Christopher. Mick Cronin is at UCLA, who has he put into the league? His offense against better competition scored in the 50s and low 60s at Cincy. Not the ideal style for an athlete like JC. I understand the Cali connection, and still believe he’s a UCLA lean. Guess this is just me looking at the situation through biased lenses.


Are we recruiting any other guards? Seems like those are the only 3 guys on the board, if we do miss out will be interesting who is next up.

Is there any chance Lander would be a viable option in 2020 with Zeb if he did reclass?