2020 Recruiting - Guard Priority

Khristian Lander and Jaden Hardy are both 2021s Michigan has offered that could reclass up. It’s possible Michigan tries to get one or both of them to do that if other 2020 targets fall through.

BP, could Zeb and Lander work together well with their games? Also wonder if Zeb being in the class would make 2020 less appealing to Lander?

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If Wade can play off the ball, I’d still have time for him as a member of the Class of 2020. Seems like a decent 4-year “program” player.

And with Jackson, DeJulius, Brooks, Bajema in the backcourt, UM can afford to develop a “program player” at the guard positions.

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Both are natural point guards so I can’t answer that honestly because there isn’t enough of a sample size of either playing off ball in the past at a high level. Lander is a pretty good shooter and both have the size and potential to be a good SG/CGs but it’s all theoretical. I don’t think Michigan would take Lander and Zeb in the same class tbh. Hardy would be much more conceivable because he has played the 2 in high school and AAU.

I just do not see Zaire Wade a fit since he is a PG. I would rather take project/flyer at either wing or big but we are in good shape at PG.

Also based on how the waiver process went this year, there’s like a 90% chance for non grad transfers to get a waiver so that could be an option if we miss on our targets.


Thanks for the info. With X leaving next year and a lot of unproven guards someone could come in to a lot of mins at the 1 or 2 even more so.

Who knows what happens a few months from now. We already have Todd in the mix which was unforseeable months ago.

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Talked a ton about Zeb playing on the ball/off the ball in this story. I think he needs to be a lead guard, but this year should tell us more.


Can I give this two “likes?” I think Zeb will be an outstanding player for us!