2020 - PG - Jalen Terry (Target)


I agree with what you said. He’s also a in state guy that MSU is on. Just feels that much better if you beat out your in state rival



If it’s coming that quickly, I assume MSU is the pick?


Mississippi State?



Iowa State would be my guess since it’s where he’s done an official visit to and Monte Morris, a recent Beecher alum played there.


That would be a major whiff for msu


I didn’t know Terry was on a visit yesterday to MSU. Seeing how he announced he’s deciding on the 27th the day after his visit I think it’d be a safer bet to say he ends up at MSU.


Jalen has improved since I last saw him. I wasn’t super impressed with him overall, but he has that a little Russ/D-Rose in him especially when he finished.

He kind of struggled with Ellison leading the team and the year after that. He showed flashes but overall wasn’t super impressive. Now, he looks like a high major player.


I think because of how Jalen is, he wasn’t truly ready to takeover and be the guy last year. He definitely didn’t look comfortable having the entire offense and team run through him, and wasn’t comfortable with the added defensive focus. Like you said, he’d show flashes but there really wasn’t any consistency. Between them growing pains and then playing up an age group most of last AAU season on the 17u EYBL, I think he’s mentally and physically more prepared to be that lead player. And he has been fantastic so far this season.


Big news from Jalen Terry. Not so great news for Iowa State and Michigan State fans who were hoping for his commitment.


Word on my street was Missouri. So this might be good news for MSU.


Is Cuonzo Martin on the up and up? Mizzou right now reminds of KSU with Huggins/Frank Martin landing a bunch of 4 and 5 stars all of a sudden.


He recruited well at Tennessee and Cal. So he’s doing thing the same as he was doing in those places


I’m sure he is. :grinning:


LOL. What are those things? Bruce Pearl wants to know.


Exactly :joy:


Regarding Mizzou, i think they are strong for 5 star Josh Christopher, but Christopher’s uncle or cousin or something is on the Mizzou staff. So besides what I know some people are hinting at, he actually may well land some big name kids.

Terry to Missouri isn’t preposterous either. Missouri assistant Cornell Mann has a son named Maliq Carr who plays on The Family in the same grade as Jalen, and they are very good friends. As some of you I’m sure know, Mann interviewed for the Michigan assistant jobs a few years ago before Yaklich and Haynes came on board. Mann is a Detroit guy through and through. Both Jalen and Maliq have offers to Missouri. Cornell is/was very connected to the coaches and higher ups in The Family AAU organization, and Terry did visit Missouri last summer I believe. With that being said, I’ve heard from several people I trust that Iowa State and MSU were the frontrunners, but Missouri was the other one with a shot. To be honest, whomever the front runner was is moot now since he is delaying his commitment.

Personally I think he’s making the right choice. If he plays at the level he has so far the rest of high school season, and then continues it in AAU on the EYBL circuit, he’s going to get a ton more high major offers. I fully expect him to blow up this Spring and Summer.


Missouri’s been dirty since the days of Arthur Johnson and Ricky Paulding, if not well before that. And then Quinn Snyder, of course.


Sandy Sanders says Go Mizzou!!


Norm Stewart had a Detroit pipeline.