2020 - PG - Jalen Terry (Oregon Commit)

Hmmm. This Terry/Zeb Jackson thing is starting to feel like the Monte Morris/Derrick Walton “first to commit gets the scholarship” situation, which would be fine. Seems like Jackson may have more upside.


Except Terry doesn’t have an offer yet, does he?

Except add in Caleb Love (and Demetrius Jackson)?

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I have not been a big fan of his, but you can’t deny the kids athleticism. Haven’t seen him live yet this year but looks like he’s grown some as he matures.

Fun to watch as he’s got a lot of juice to his game. Plays point because of size but really has more a 2 game, especially when it comes to distribution tendencies. (Westbrook?) Clever and plays hard.

Never got the impression that UM was serious in his recruitment, saw it more as a courtesy pitch. Think size was the concern.

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Are U that close to Terry and his family to know U-M’s intentions ? Sometimes I question your intentions after reading your comments about U-M and Coach Beilein.

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What comments of mine that indicate my intentions (whatever that means) are you referring to? And no, I’m not close to the Terry family at least I don’t think I am though I have a bunch of family in Flint. And I don’t think that I’ve ever talked to anyone that I knew was family of his. Not quite sure though how that has anything to do with my familiarity with his recruitment or my reply in this thread.


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Dot, don’t know about Knucklehead (his handle, not my assessment!) above, but for me you are like Smith Barney. When you talk, I listen! I always appreciate your perspective!

Thanks. Have seen occasions where folks have falsely attributed comments/sentiments to me. Not quite sure why that occurs but it happens. Possible knucklehead may have picked up on some bad info, or something else might be going on. Who knows these days. The lack of commitment to being accurate and/or not reckless is unfortunate. Doubt Knucklehead will provide specifics.

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That’s Merrill Lynch, not Smith Barney:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Actually, it’s E.F. Hutton. “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” Smith Barney is, “Smith Barney makes money the old fashioned way: They EARN it!” Merrill Lynch is “Bullish on America” By the way, I always listen to you, too, Sane! You and Dot are my two long time “go to” guys for information on Michigan Basketball and that goes back to long before we had this forum! :smiley:


I agree with what is said in the tweet. Watched him drop 36 in a game versus Detroit Renaissance last week. He killed it in preseason scrimmages I watched as well and he’s had a triple double and a couple other huge games. He’s been hot. Definitely playing like a top 50 caliber player now. In the past it was only in patches but he’s been consistently elite so far.

Being from Flint, is he a MSU lock?

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I don’t think so personally. Heard some say he doesn’t wanna play with Rocket but who knows. Lots of time until he likely decides. He wanted a Michigan offer pretty bad but not sure what he’s thinking currently. I’d say Iowa State has a good shot since Monte Morris went there and he has done his only official visit there so far.

A little bit hard for me to imagine offering Terry at the moment with Zeb in the fold and existing guard depth, but anything can happen.

Right I agree. Only way is if guards start leaving we don’t expect. But if this is the new Jalen Terry, I’m praying he doesn’t end up in the Big Ten. Especially MSU because he will almost definitely be the most physically gifted PG in the BIG from the get go. Defense, slashing and speed won’t be a issue for him.

For those who have seen him before but not recently, believe it or not he’s gotten much more athletic and has gotten a little bigger/stronger. Mentally he’s so much better than last year too. That’s the biggest difference of all. He dunks now with literally almost no knee bend. Almost all ankles and calves he can dunk easy. Finishing in the paint through contact so much better now too.

If Terry is really that good and interested in UM, I think maybe you offer him despite Zeb Jackson, who is 6’2 and could guard college 2s. Having multiple guys who can shoot and get their own shot is a good thing. Michigan only has one guy (DeJulius) 6-foot or shorter between the '18-'19-'20 classes, with a lot of height and flexibility.

They still might but It may not be for awhile. I think Michigan wants a taller wing or guard like RJ Hampton, Cade Cunningham, Cam’ron Fletcher or Ethan Morton and/or a quality big man like Walker Kessler, Isaiah Jackson or Hunter Dickinson. If most those fall through, which they easily could, if Terry is still interested then maybe Michigan offers.

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That makes sense, and I’m not suggesting they offer him this moment. A lot of '20 guys aren’t going to commit until at least next summer, though, and I’d keep in close contact with Terry while they see how the chips fall.