2020 NCAA Tournament canceled

Feel terrible for X and all the other seniors in the country.


Don’t understand why it couldn’t be postponed and re-evaluated in real time as days pass.


There’s no time really. The tournament is already in a pretty tight window with exams not long after the Final Four. Beyond that you’re looking at NBA predraft camps.


Moscow Olympics.

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At least 3 times in the last few days I’ve seen you post to the effect “this is nothing compared to what’s coming”. OK, OK, I hear you. But I disagree…the whole point of all this is to prevent CV from getting all crazy. Maybe that all works? Lots of people still get CV, but not as many as it could have been and the vast majority survive and we all just move it when this thing fades away? That’s totally possible too.

I just mean that everyone is going to have very real sacrifices coming up that are more real than sports. Maybe they are economic, maybe personal, etc. Basketball is small compared to a lot of things.


I guarantee you that right now in the United States there are many more people who have coronavirus and just don’t know it yet than the amount of confirmed cases. Cancelling events doesn’t retroactively cure people of coronavirus and they’ll continue to go throughout their normal day to day life as though they don’t have it. Meanwhile they’ll be infecting more people. Rinse and repeat until you can test everyone. This is going to get worse before it gets better, it’s just math.


I can’t wrap my head around how quickly this unfolded. 2 days ago it didn’t even cross my mind that any of this was possible. The last 24 hours of news has been absolutely surreal.

I feel bad for myself because this is unquestionably my favorite event of the year. I feel terrible for X and Teske. I feel terrible for the players and fans of teams like Rutgers and Penn State. This just flat out sucks.


Who else had significant tourney-watching plans and wants to grieve together?

I had PTO scheduled next Thursday/Friday as I do every year, plus tickets to the Sweet 16/Elite 8 in Indy.


I knew this was coming when schools such as Duke, Kansas, etc. contacted the NCAA and told them they were suspending all sports travel for the rest of the academic year. Remember this includes baseball, softball, track and all the other spring sports too. Now that a referee has been tested positive, I’m thinking there will still be more to come. To top it all off all recruiting will have to be done by phone or video chats also. I’m sure this will affect McDonalds All American games too. The only positive thing is that High School seniors won"t be able to play overseas (ie Isaiah Todd).

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How about running a college basketball website when college basketball gets shut down?

Seriously though, thanks for following along this year (and hopefully in the future). Just all a little surreal now.

Easy to say that you expect this to happen. Harder to process it when it happens.


We’ll still look to you Dylan for updates the best place to go for us Wolverines.


Yeah aside from hopefully a Josh Christopher commitment in the next month or so and maybe a season wrapup, I imagine there won’t be a ton of content for the foreseeable period. There won’t even be a ton of recruiting news with the cancelation of April eval. I feel for ya!

If JC commits, I will just watch JC videos from now until next fall though :crossed_fingers:t3:


Social change happens fast these days. Most people are initially opposed to an idea but support slowly builds and then suddenly it achieves a breakthrough that gets it critical mass - and then everyone gets on board.

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I feel for you man. This time of year should be the payoff for all those offseason articles and write ups about Houston Baptist in December. It’s a shame. I’ll still check in regularly.