2020 - Forward - Lance Ware (Offer)

Looks like a new name from NYC area, Lance Ware

In our rankings update earlier this month, Lance Ware made a nice jump. The bouncy and quick 6-foot-8 power forward is playing like he wants to try and make another move up the list.

Playing up on the New York Rens 17U team this week at Summer Jam, Ware has been great against KC Run GMC. He’s attacked the glass, he’s been aggressive to the rim and he’s played with intensity on both ends of the floor.

Currently, Ware has high major offers from Maryland, Seton Hall and Providence. Look for more to be on the way with this type of play.


Including playing at the elite camp, this is Ware’s second visit correct? @umhoops


Nice prospect. When searching highlights, did not see many jumpers. In 2020, we may need Austin Davis to come back for his 5th year, otherwise we need 2 bigs. Ware would be a nice get. Who knows, Livers or Johns might be in the NBA by then if they follow DJ Wilson-like trajectory. I see Ware as a 5. If we’re lucky enough to get one of the elite, big 5s, and Ware demonstrates he can shoot, maybe he’s a 4.

I don’t think Ware is big enough to be a 5. Hes 6’7 or 6’8. Skilled and decent athlete. He’s more of a stretch 4/Wing-forward. If Michigan has “prioritized” anyone in 2020, I feel like Lance Ware might be the guy they’ve put the most into and he’s shown the most interest back. Top 50 caliber player so I am definitely ok with it. But I agree I think Michigan could need to look for a 5 and Point/combo guards in 2020, those would be the top priorities imo. Especially PG/CGs who can shoot.

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Just based on his actions (2 unofficial to an out of region program in 3months) and some of his comments I think ware would pop pretty quick for um if he is offered.

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Michigan is visiting Zeb Jackson tomorrow. Wouldn’t be shocked if both Jackson and Ware have offers within the next few days.

I suspect if they take a second big it will come late in the cycle, maybe a Spring 2020 signing. A PG/CG, a big, and a Combo forward would fill the main needs. So to me Ware makes sense in a 3 man class behind Wilson/Bejama.
Of course, the numbers/needs could change if there’s more attrition than expected next Spring or an elite talent is knocking down the door.

Lance Ware is another big to add to the list. Kessler, Dickinson and Ware…not a bad group to target. Plus maybe Isaiah Jackson. Landing any of those would be nice.


Its always seemed to me like Ware will come to Michigan if Michigan wants him.

That’s the impression I’ve got too. Seems like Michigan hasn’t shown a ton of interest in him in the past yet he still always visits and mentions them. Under Beilein especially. He has attended several Michigan summer camps dating back to 8th grade I believe on his families own money. But seems like Howard and staff is putting a little more emphasis on him if they are planning to see him at the Peach Jam. Ware has sort of blown up as well. He and Dawson Garcia are probably the closest players comparatively. In theory I think Michigan could recruit Garcia/Ware and also Kessler/Dickinson if they wanted two bigs.

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I’d like to see us offer Ware and try to lock down a commitment from him.

He seems pretty talented, and seems to really like Michigan. Sure, we are after some bigger targets (none of whom necessarily play his position, which I assume will be the four), but this guy seems like a take for sure.


Never been a huge fan of his game but I could buy a situation where it might be a bit more useful of a skillset if Juwan Howard’s offense looks dramatically different than John Beilein’s.


Hey if Ed Cooley is prioritizing him than I’m sold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: