2020 - Forward - Lance Ware (UK Commit)

From what I’ve seen, Lance has picked up Louisville and Oregon offers today.


I’ll say that I’m not pumped that we’re prioritizing non-shooters at the 4

Depends how he fits overall with the roster make up imo. Guy like him could still have a place. I like his game actually, plays hard.

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as long as they can pass, I’m okay w it. if you’re not the passer or the screener then you have to shoot it.

We gonna be running 4-5 ball screens?

Pre-Goins learning to shoot they made him the passer while Tillman/Ward screened for shooters.

Now that Howard has offered this one will be interesting to follow. IMO he was an offer and commit to um shortly after prospect when Beilein was around.


Whoa did not expect that

Of course.

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So what percentage of our offers have a UK or Duke offer? All but 2? I am not enjoying this new territory right now lol.


I’d be surprised if Michigan isn’t in it.

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Yeah I’d imagine Michigan, Kentucky and Louisville all make the list

Providence as well I’d guess and maybe UNC. I think Michigan and Kentucky would be top 2.

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