2020 - Forward - Carlos Johnson (Offer)


Scooby has a good game and his team wins in a battle of top 5 teams in the state.



Apparently he’s visiting Sunday.


I just talked to Scooby a hour ago and he said he probably isn’t but would let me know if it changes. Everyone is saying he is but he just said otherwise.


If Johnson doesn’t commit soon(by the end of April) I’ll be pretty surprised if he ends up here. Kids Beilein lands almost always commit shortly after getting an offer, especially local kids. Not sure what Johnson is waiting for unless its msu, baring something shocking he’s not going get an offer from a blue blood.




40 points is mighty impressive. Do you or BP3 have shooting splits this year or during EYBL? He seems like he could be a MAAR esque player for us. I know it’s not a great comp play-style wise but he could be a steady 4 year presence.


Not enough data on his shooting from last summer. Should see more this year.


He kept bouncing between 16 and 17u so there is no reliable stats for him. The Family (his AAU program) consistently sends in the wrong information as well. Player numbers don’t match up to names. So if there is any stats available I wouldn’t believe them anyways.


More state will be available for the EYBL. They generally do a good job with the stats for everyone.


More stats and film yeah, Johnson only played a few games with The Family 17s last year. @BP3 is right that The Family usually has the least accurate rosters though :rofl:


It’s so annoying trying to explain to coaches and journalists asking about players covering colleges and they say “well his EYBL stats say he’s only like a 28% 3 point shooter.” I’ll say something like “Well that’s because the guy who actually wore that player’s number was the backup center and isn’t a 3 point shooter.” Stupid stuff like that always happens with The Family stats for players lol.


Kinda how I see it too.


Definitely agree with how many of Beilein’s recruits commit or don’t, only thing is, I can’t imagine he’s truly focused recruiting when he’s trying to win a state championship. Not saying it will or won’t happen but how many guys have committed during their season (I have no idea the number or if there is actually a number)?


Anyone going to Scooby’s game tonight?

23-0 Otsego vs. 21-1 Benton Harbor. Should be a good one, I’m about an hour away but was debating on making the trip.


Weather is really pretty bad and roads treacherous over here on the west side. Where is the game. Wayland, Saugatuck, Holland, west suburbs of Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Muskegon wouldn’t be a fun, or particularly safe drive.


I believe it’s at Wayland


Probably not a fun drive down/over to Wayland, but…well, I HAVE done crazier things, taken some pretty crazy drives to watch HS hoops! :smiley:


Benton Harbor won.

Scooby with 28pts