2020-21 Roster Speculation

I mean there’s a difference between deserves to be a starter and literally not playable:¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Basically will be down a scholarship

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He made some big shots for us in both years. Came off the bench against UNC in the title game and drilled a couple huge threes in the first half, as just one example.

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The Club Trillion reference went over my head. What is that?

Per Wiki:

During the 2008–2009 basketball season, Titus created his own blog, “Club Trillion”, with the name referring to his line in the box score for many games: ‘1’ in the first column (minutes played), followed by zeroes in the other twelve columns (points, rebounds, etc.).


I’m lost. What’s the Mark Titus piece everyone is talking about?

Just posted that because someone asked what “Club Trillion” was.


Pelinka was a little more athletic than Nunez but I get what you’re saying.

Nunez isn’t playable IMO. He is almost always a complete negative on the floor. There is no one I would want him getting minutes over next year.


I like the Pelinka comparison. If Juwan is going to continue to recruit and land 5 star guys who are potentially one and done it’s going to be valuable to have an upperclassman who can come off the bench, be stable in the offense and hopefully hit some shots.

Right now, I agree. I’m using Pelinka as an example of someone who really struggled for a couple years and then was a solid bench player as an upperclassman. We may need some bench shooting next year. The one perceived weakness of Christopher’s game is outside shooting. And the guys we put out there this year struggled from distance too (aside from Livers). I think Wagner and Johns can improve in that area; I think Brooks probably remains the same. This is why I’d really like to see Bajema stay, but it sounds iffy right now.

I think its important to have upperclassmen bench guys who know their role. Wouldn’t it potentially be a problem if every player on the roster believed they should be getting more minutes? I feel like having a couple solidified bench guys is never a bad thing for team composition.

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Nunez probably values just being on a Big Ten team then transferring down a level. Which is what he’d have to do. Plus he got chances from Juwan so I can see how he’d think he still has a shot to play

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Kinda reminds me of Matt Vogrich from years ago, although I think Vogrich was a much better player than Nunez but he was a career 2 PPG player that stayed on the roster while other guys (Smotrycz, Jon Horford) transferred to play bigger roles. Vogrich saw zero minutes down the stretch after JB’s best recruiting class showed up to campus. Who knows if it would have been a good or bad thing if a better player was in Vogrich’s spot, but at the very least it didn’t hurt team chemistry one bit and those super talented teams were immensely successful (as I think next year’s team will be too)


And, again back to the academics aspect, he really values that Michigan degree, as he should. He’s a really smart kid, what Michigan student isn’t :wink:, and he knows the value of a degree from the University of Michigan and the quality of education he is getting in Ann Arbor. He also seems to love being a part of the team as evidenced by his real excitement when his teammates do great things on the floor. He really is a student/athlete.

Now, how about this, and I know nothing. Suppose he graduates after next year, but in the meantime is a member of the team, maybe plays a bit, hangs out with and cheers for his guys from the bench for 37 or 38 minutes of the game, and THEN grad transfers for his fourth year to another great academic program for a grad year and is a rotational player or starter there.

Best of all possible worlds. He gets a Michigan degree. He plays on the University of Michigan Basketball team for three years. He gets a Masters Degree, and he gets to play a major role at the school to which he transfers. Then, he goes into management with the goal of becoming a CEO! Sounds pretty good to me!


Nunez made a lot of progress this year. Not sure why he wasn’t red-shirted his freshmen year (if the team doesn’t want him for the 5th yr, just let him walk). I think Nunez’s plan is to continue his development and progression in his third and fourth years (as he was no doubt told in the recruiting pitch). From his respective, everything is proceeding as planned.

Also, I think we need to accept that no one wants to transfer from this team.


If Juwan can come in and have 0 transfers in his first two years, that might be the most ridiculous stat I’ve seen. Speaks volumes to his ability to connect with guys and get them to buy in. Would have implications on how to look at roster build for futures years if you can’t just expect 1-2 transfers


Almost guaranteed to have transfers this year. It’s just a question as to who it will be.


But the team is oversigned. Someone will be transferring. Multiple if JC commits.


I’m fairly certain that there are players who want to transfer from the team. They might not be the players that fans would hand pick to leave the team but they do exist. That’s what people need to accept imo.