2020-21 Roster Speculation

Yeah it is an odd way of wording it. I think there is still some awkwardness to being able to hire an agent but still come back

also this one:

This seems standard. Both seemed like guys who may get some feedback to see where they stand, sounds like that’s what they’re doing. Based on draft boards it’d be surprising to see either declare but weirder things have happened, so we’ll have to wait and see.



The three players who I haven’t heard a thing from or the people around them since the season ended are Dejulius, Bajema and Castleton. If I’m a betting man I think those are the 3 who I think will leave.


I mean, I think Nunez is getting a fair shot at UM with Howard. Seems logical to stay.

What makes you think there will be 3 departures?

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Nunez is a guy who covets the degree.
“Will be CEO of a company one day.”


Good for Nunez. Unfortunately for quite a few people this will seem like “bad” news. I thought towards the end of the season he had become closer to a neutral, club trillion type of piece, rather than the clear negative he was early in the year. It’s not saying a lot, but it’s still some improvement. Hopefully he can keep improving and find his shot and he could be a decent rotation piece. Maybe not next year, but as a senior.

I thought Castleton may leave too but reading the tea leaves of brendans article I felt like he was more likely to stay than go.

This should put to rest the idea that Juwan will run off players to free up a scholarship.


I think it might be a good thing that Nunez is likely to stay. Team needs some guys on the bench that will be happy with an end of bench role. Not saying other guys like Johns/DeJulius/Castleton would be toxic necessarily, but they are (rightfully) looking for a major uptick in minutes in their junior year that certainly won’t be there for all of them. There’s value in having 1-2 guys like Nunez and Austin Davis on the roster


In these times, being a CEO isn’t necessarily a compliment.

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I mean… Not sure if there’s much value in having a guy who literally can’t play for you.


My point is not all 13 guys on the roster can play. Sometimes it’s not the healthiest thing if guys 10-13 think they deserve to be starters. I’d assume Nunez knows where he stands and is fine with that.


A club trillion piece is a clear negative.


Yea, he didn’t have an issue staying in front of guys til he was hurt. I remember thinking early in the year how valuable he was on the d end

Also who knows. I still believe despite what we saw this year that he’s an elite shooter. If he can even get to the point of not being an absolute stiff on d and at least be close to acceptable on that end and he settles in from range in live games than maybe he could surprise.

Lots of ifs but they’re kids developing, you never know.

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My take is this:

So far, he doesn’t seem capable of being much of a contributor.

Having said that, it’s obvious his shot is very pure, so there’s something to work with there.

And if he covets the degree, good for him. We can’t hold ourselves out as being special academically, and different from other schools, and then try to run off kids who care about the academics. It’s not Nunez’s fault that JB offered him.

Also, I’ll say this - below I’ve linked the career stats of a guy who was demonstrably worse than Nunez (or at least just as bad) in his first two years, yet became an important contributor as a junior and senior - on a team with Juwan Howard, no less. So as long as the kid is willing to put in the work, we shouldn’t write him off yet either.


2.8 and 4.3 PPG as a junior/senior.