2019 - Wing - Jaden McDaniels (Washington Commit)

No mention of Michigan at all

does look that we are even in it now

I don’t access to the article but assume that he says the standard stuff and that Michigan is “in the picture”

No idea how this all plays out but still very much doubt that we are in contention when a decision appraoches but would love to be wrong

I know McDaniels is obviously a long shot. But according to this article his dad is basically running his recruitment because he doesn’t trust coaches after his last son went to SDSU. Maybe that gives us a nonzero chance?


This might also mean that when Michigan isnt mentioned as regularly in his interviews, it means that they are respecting their process speaking to Will and not Jaden who is just following his father’s direction and is taking a back-seat - all conjecture

This is an interesting article. If what the article says is true, if the recruiting criteria set up by Will McDaniels is what they are really looking for, then I would think Michigan would be an ideal choice for a visit. There are obviously not five college coaches in America more honest and ethical than Coach B.

In addition, if, along with absolute honesty and respect for their stated process, they are looking for one of the premier universities in America with an outstanding basketball program and a proven record of success, Michigan would have to be among that handful of schools. If they want a network of alumni that can be relied on post basketball, Michigan would fit that bill, too. We’ll see. It will be interesting to watch this recruitment play out.

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People don’t get your hopes up. Just my opinion/advice. You don’t have to follow.

I have a hard time seeing what you guys think about that update would be positive for Michigan. This doesn’t seem like the spot to get your hopes up to me.

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Not going to happen.

I shouldn’t have opened this can of worms lol. I was not getting my hopes up at all, just said nonzero chance but I will put that back to zero percent chance

I think I made my position absolutely clear. Based on what the article said about honesty of coaches and about Will McDaniels’ parameters for coaches to follow, there probably isn’t a coach in America who is more honest or who would absolutely respect Mr. McDaniels process more than Coach B. Now, does that mean we will get a visit, a possible commitment, of course not. But again, based on his stated criteria and what I know Michigan is in terms of program, academics, network, etc, etc, I seriously don’t know why Michigan wouldn’t get serious consideration. Now, if there are other criteria, that this article didn’t discuss and those criteria wouldn’t include Michigan, fine.

As far as getting hopes up, Geoff, I really don’t have any hopes. I continue to trust Coach B. I’m looking forward to THIS season. Recruiting is oftentimes kind of a crap shoot. You do the work. If you get the kid, great. If you don’t, life goes on, move on. That’s the Carton recruitment in a nutshell. Recruiting, for me, is just kind of a fun thing to follow between seasons.

As far as “opening a can of worms,” kt, it certainly doesn’t have to. Again, I simply commented on the criteria the article said Mr. McDaniels had established. I included a few other advantages I think Michigan provides. Admittedly, those weren’t part of the criteria discussed in the article.

If the kid or his father don’t want Michigan, then that, in itself, wouldn’t square with Coach B’s criteria, And that’s fine with me. No can of worms as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not looking to argue. Dot and others are probably correct, we don’t have much chance. But based on what the article said, if honesty and respect for the process really are what’s important, well…Coach B. None better. That’s all.

In theory, if he’s looking for coaches who are truthful, and don’t make outlandish promises, that could only be good for us.

With that said, Gary Battle said all the right things back in 2015, too . . . .

As I see it, if everything he said here is true, we should be in good position to land an official visit. If his final list includes schools like Kansas and Kentucky, then consider me skeptical about why his dad is running his recruitment.


Not a single word about academics in that article. Beilein is known for stressing them, requiring transcripts and a full academic presentation before he offers anyone. Let’s be honest. For a kid who sees himself as a one and done, whose parents see him as a one and done, what are desirable academics? I’d say classes that don’t get in the way of basketball.

Beilein’s sales pitch is clearly not aimed for everybody and I doubt he changes it much to appeal to one and dones.

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Absolutely, I agree with you, swinawer. I primarily focused my comment on the criteria set forth by Mr McDaniels. There is nobody better than Coach B as it relates to those criteria, in my opinion.

I also spoke of other advantages Michigan would provide, but I acknowledged those weren’t mentioned in the article. I, personally, think those are important “selling” points, but I acknowledge that there are those for whom those kinds of things might just not be that important.

As for “one and dones,” I’m not a fan, but that’s just me, and it’s a whole different discussion. I agree with your point that Coach B’s sales pitch doesn’t appeal to “one and dones” and that’s certainly fine with me.

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let’s hope that we at least can get an official visit.

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Yeah for all the talk of keeping him a kid, he’s trying to set him up for the NBA and getting his ducks in a row for that. I wonder why he didn’t get better advice with his first son, considering the Juwan Howard connection.

He did send his son to play for juwan’s coach, so maybe he did

I think we can say with certainty honesty and ethics aren’t necessarily the same thing. By all account John Calipari is extremely honest, but I’m not sure one would call him ethical, at least not to the established NCAA coaching code of ethics (I don’t honestly have much of a problem with what he does).

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We can also say with certainty that John Beilein possesses both honesty and a sense of ethical behavior. We can also say he is a man of integrity. With John Beilein honesty and ethical behavior are pretty much intertwined. Now, does everyone necessarily want honest and ethical behavior from a college coach? I, frankly, have my doubts, but I, for one, sure appreciate those character traits in our coach.

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