2019 - Wing - Jaden McDaniels (Washington Commit)

Well that seems to be who he is complaining about. The older son was unexpectedly redshirted. We know Dutcher can recruit.

What’s there to doubt at this point? Some clearly prefer the money.

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Can put this one to bed officially.

He will end up at Kentucky or San Diego State. And if SDSU lands Boogie Ellis, a top 30 caliber guard, I think it really makes SDSU a major player for him.

Brian Dutcher doing well there. Jaden probably will miss out playing with big brother Jalen though.

Gotta believe he’s gone after this year.

So, with recent developments, is there even the slightest possibility that McDaniels to UofM happens? It’s been an odd recruitment…

Wonder who is the first recruit that Juwan is going to call? Bajema, Wilson, Zeb, or McDaniels?

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McDaniels just committed to Washington so there’s that.


CaN jUwAn HoWaRd EvEn ReCrUiT?!?


:rofl: Jalen told us he’d be bringing in McD’s AAs. He can’t even lure his own relatives! The Juwan Howard experiment is officially over. :laughing:


Washington is going to be very good this year.

FWIW (as a technicality):

Rather than a national letter of intent, McDaniels will sign a financial aid agreement that’s non-binding for prospective athletes and must be honored by the schools. Theoretically, he could sign with other schools without penalty.


Weird, I probably shouldn’t view it as any indication he is still waiting on Michigan, however.

No, and I believe it is required that he sign that and not a NLI because the late signing period is over.

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The financial aid agreement protects the athlete rather than the school. It’s binding for the school but the athlete could go elsewhere if they wanted to. Transfers sign financial aid agreements because you can only sign a letter of intent once.

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Interesting to see their relationship downplayed as “distant cousins”. Seems like Howard was key in Jalen going to SDSU:

Howard, of course, was part of the iconic Fab Five under Steve Fisher and Brian Dutcher at Michigan in the early 1990s before embarking on a 19-year NBA career. He’s also cousins with McDaniels (Howard’s father and McDaniels’ grandmother are siblings).

“He told me, I didn’t have to ask,” McDaniels said of his conversations with Howard. “He just said that those two coaches are going to take care of you and work you hard. I know he’s not going to lie about anything just to get me to go there. He’s family.”


This seems to come up once or twice a year — usually in football at the end of the late signing period — but I’m surprised more of the elite recruits don’t take this route and abstain from signing a NLI. Gives the recruit more wiggle room if something unforeseen happens (like Beilein leaving late or a late NCAA notice of infractions or the Meyer/Smith allegations or…)

Harlond Beverly did this for Miami.

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