2019 - Wing - Franz Wagner (INTL/Target)


Does anyone have any idea if there is communication/interest coming from either direction on this one?


I want this guy bad. Hopefully Moe Wagner is in his ear telling him to go to Michigan.


That first dunk looked just like Moe. He needs a US weight room as well. I would love to see him at Michigan


Would love for Franz to come here. Great talent.


I don’t think we will need another wing after signing Jalen Wilson and Cole Bajema this November


I ran this German article through Google translate and got the following translation. I bolded the parts that are most relevant to our recruitment of Wagner.

But if all goes well with these growing pains, does he take the same path as Moritz - Alba, College, NBA? He graduated from high school in the summer, grade 1.2 by the way, so could go over. "A few colleges have come forward, including the University of Michigan, where his brother has become a star. But Wagner first wants to get to know the profile. He also has a second license for third division Lok Bernau, Alba’s cooperation partner. “Next year,” he says, "I decide what I do."

Going to the US is an option. To sign a contract with Alba, the other. “I feel very well here, that’s my home.” At the age of seven Wagner came to the club, with long hair and a headband. He started basketball, "because Mo did that too. I always wanted to do what he did. He is my great role model. "It must have been incredibly lucky when the Lakers picked out the mass of talents on June 21 at the so-called draft Moritz Wagner. The whole family was present at the announcement in New York, also Alba-pro Tim Schneider, buddy since childhood. And what does his brother recommend? "Mo tells me to do what I’m up to. You have to decide that on a case-by-case basis. "

Alba’s chances are not that bad, that sounds like. Also, because a very special coach works here. “Aito is known around the world for making young players very, very good players who can eventually even land in the NBA.” The Spaniard Ricky Rubio, the Latvian Kristaps Porzingis come to him as the latest examples. Whether the Spanish coach will stay in Berlin for longer than until 2019, says Franz Wagner, “that comes into my decision”.

Of course, the 71-year-old now does not commit to it, but for what he expects from his youngest protégé in the team. "That he is improving a lot. Franz has to continue learning and playing well. To become a very good player, he still has a lot to learn. And he has to stay on the ground with both feet. He has the right character. “Alba sports director Himar Ojeda says it makes no sense for Wagner to go to America so soon:” Franz has the will to learn. And he is in the good situation that he has someone here who can teach him everything. "

To prevail at the age of 17 in the Bundesliga is for now not without, not even for a talent like Franz Wagner. Is the NBA even its goal? “I would not call it a goal, I call it a dream,” he replies. A dream that gets new food on the phone every day.


Is there any update about Franz?


Yes we’ve just been keeping it quiet from everyone


You know, I liked Michael Scott better than you as regional manager…


Mike Schmitz from ESPN/Draft Express is watching Franz right now. Below are some of his tweets


Good Find Hoops!!


Mike Schmitz is legitimately everywhere. Impressive stuff :slight_smile:


What is the timeline on him deciding if he is doing college?
Any recent news on that front?


The reports have been that he’s playing professionally in Germany this season and then will decide what direction to go after the year.


Sounds perfect for the “we might have an opening depending on NBA departures” timeline that’s we’re running on.


IMO, it looks like the only concern for a departure at this point is Iggy, but that still is probably unlikely.

And even then… Franz probably fits better in the mold of his brother as a college 5. Think he’d make sense if someone wanted to move on.


I don’t really think Franz is anything like Moe in terms of playing the five. Have you seen someone write that in a scouting report or something?


In general I’m skeptical of guys that tall ending up playing the four for Beilein. Seems like we’ll always trend towards anyone 6’9”+ being a C and the PF being a thickly built wing. Even when we had DJ, we found our groove by putting him at C.


Brandon Johns will be a 4 and he’s 6’9 though


I guess I didn’t see the one tweet listing him at 6-9. He’s usually been listed at 6-7 in the past, so I’m a bit skeptical. DJ Wilson also played primarily the four (and a bit of five). Guess you’d have to see, and it is tough with an international kid, but I’ve always thought of Franz as a wing.