2019 - Wing - Franz Wagner (INTL/Target)


Interesting fwiw Josh gershon in a chat was Asked about some of the top upcoming potential foreign college prospects and he listed him as a 2020.


Yep, seems like he should be either 2019 or 2020. I don’t see how he’d be 2018.



He looks good in those videos. Kind of resembles Caris’ playing style.




Based on what I have read and seen, seems to me that franz would be a top 50ish prospect if he was stateside.


Geez get him off the the Caris LeVert HS diet. Looks like he’s been training with Ethiopian marathoners.
I think I meant Kenyan marathoners but the point stands


Am I wrong in thinking that we have an available 2018 scholarship still? I would absolutely love it if Franz somehow ended up with it


Yes. Michigan has a 2018 scholarship available.


Mentions Butler and Michigan here. Says he could legitimately reclassify to 2018 if he wants but doesn’t sound likely


If we want him, i’d try and get him in 2018 and redshirt him next year. I actually hope we do that.


Only thing with taking him 2018 would be we probably recruit one less 2019 guy? So maybe we would go all in on Carton at that point.



Any sense on how high Michigan is on him? Did he come to AA at all, not sure I remember him being mentioned like his mother.


I’d honestly be curious if the fanbase would rather have Franz or Carton if we only had 1 slot…hypothetical I know, but intriguing nonetheless!


To me it depends on if Carton would project to be a significant upgrade to our list of PG’s? If yes I would prefer Carton if only one spot available.


If Carton is a 1 & done and Franz is a three year with the potential to bring “Mo” wins and excitement I’d go with “Mo” Wagners in our system. Maybe Beate wants to see Final Fours for both sons.


Carton is not a one and done


Don’t sell JB short! :grin: