2019 Recruiting Notes


New ESPN Rankings for 2019
Weems 22
Watts 30


Terry Armstrong also clocks in at 32. Are we in on him at all?


Heavy Sparty lean


A few notables at Nike Elite 100 in St. Louis this weekend:

Romeo Weems, Taylor Currie, Jordan Mitchell, Rocket Watts, Joe Girard III, Tyrese Maxey


Some measurements from Elite 100:


Joe Girard 6’0.5" height, 176 lbs, 6’1" wingspan
Rocket Watts 6’1" 173 6’1"
Romeo Weems 6’5" 214 6’9"
Taylor Currie 6’7.5" 204 6’10
Jordan Mitchell 6’6.5" 204 6’11.5"


Looks like these are without shoes FWIW.



As much as I like Weems… I think Armstrong should be our priority in 2019 if this is true.


Just curious how other ppl read that tweet. Is it Michigan who is showing very strong interest or Armstrong? If it is Michigan, that is nice, but doesnt mean nearly as much


Monumental upset if he doesn’t end up a Sparty.


I wondered the same thing.


Ah, I see. I initially read it as interest from Armstrong–but it totally makes more sense the other way around. Indeed, that wouldn’t mean anything. Who knows though, Saddi has been crushing it in state as of late…

Perhaps of greater interest, if we are suddenly going hard after Armstrong (I knew we were high on Watts/Weems, but this is the first I’ve heard of us courting Armstrong)…is the staff expecting to strike out on a SG in 2018? (Tyson or Locke)


I don’t think you can read into recruiting a highly ranked in-state kid in 2019 to have anything to do with 2018 recruiting.


The former


Wow! He’s better than anybody M’s been recruiting in a while. He’s very good; not Josh Jackson good, but not to far below either.


He’s good, but I believe there are some concerns about grades here. The whole transfer to another state, never play and then transfer back to Michigan certainly comes off as a red flag.



New Rivals Rankings:
Weems: 24
Watts: 65
Armstrong: 52
Nembhard: 21
Girard: not ranked


I know we have Currie now but I really wish we’d go after Isaiah Stewart. He is putting up huge numbers at the peach jam/eybl period. kid is a rebounding monster. currently working on his shot which is pretty rough but man is a throw back man child. multiple fifteen rebound games. tons of o-boards. kids just can’t keep him off the glass.


Stewart is a beast but it doesn’t seem that UM is showing interest. I’m watching the City Rocks play vs. Team Penny right now. Lots of coaches there but I don’t see any one from UM is there. Although, you can’t really see all the coaches on the baseline of the one side of the court.

As I’m typing this, Beilein just showed up. Joe Girard III is playing. He can really shoot it. Was 2-3 from three including a really tough contested 3 coming off a screen. After the second three, Penny has faceguarded him with no help responsbilities for his man. He has a lot of confidence in his game and seems to handle the ball alright vs. Team Penny’s pressure. He also takes the ball out every time vs. pressure. He isn’t big and is the smallest guy on the court this whole first half. He has decent feet on defense.


Girard just hit two more 3’s to close the half. He has a quick release. Four 3’s and 2-2 from the line for 14 points vs. Team Penny in the first half. Player comparison for him is probably Phil Forte from Oklahoma State. Obviously, Forte is bigger because of the lifting program but similar shots and both get NBA Jam hot.