2019 Recruiting Notes


If a 2019 was going to commit early, I would say that he would certainly be the best guess.


Have we heard any official news about who was offered today?


Still pretty early, plus Romeo Weems is in Argentina with USA Basketball.


Just hit him up on whatsapp.




Check this out for me. S/o to the 'Jes. #PurgeSeason💯 pic.twitter.com/mEWPdoPtdj

— Julian Dozier Jr (@Officialju_) May 16, 2017


I’m thinking good news came in?





@umhoops thanks for the updates. CMU working hard.


RJ Barrett… No.1 in class of 2019.


Can’t hurt to see if he’s interested.


Interesting I was fully expecting RJ Barrett’s camp to reach out to the UM staff late in the game only to lead us on a wild goose chase before he inevitably picks Cal or Texas


Michigan has been watching/tracking him for a while so not necessarily a new thing. That being said, I think most expect him to reclass to 2018 at this point.


I would also still expect Romeo Weems to get an offer. The hold up is that he’s playing at FIBA Americas with USA Basketball and is probably (rightfully so) much more focused on that than recruiting right now.


Look like Weems got the offer that we all expected.


Whatsapp to the rescue