2019 Recruiting Notes


Assuming he has the character we want (if we’re offering I think he does). Then I’d like to see us mentioned as recruiting him hardest after the 15th. If we aren’t getting mentioned there we should evaluate our strategy.


Huge. There’s a film of his 20 point 17 win eybl win too that is very impressed very. Old school big man. Very strong, nice athlete and he’s starting to develop a post game to match his physical gifts.



Spoke to Jerome Francis Jr., father of Jeremiah Francis (http://247sports.com/player/jeremiah-francis-88613). Francis is a 2019 PG who attends Pickerington Central (same HS as Caris and Ibi) who is one of the more highly-touted players in Ohio at this stage. His dad says that Jeremiah has not been recruited by Michigan at all at this point in the process and that currently there are no plans to attend the Team or Elite Camp at Michigan in June.

“We would be more than excited to receive an offer for an unofficial visit to UM, but as of now we have not had any type of contact with UM Men’s Basketball,” Jerome texted me.


Any reason why you reached ou to him as a recruit? Wouldn’t mind us kicking her tires on him and seeing where a recruitment would go


Haha, it was actually Dylan who said he was one kid to keep an eye out for


Hes very good. I was surprised how stacked that team was last year… I hope we go after him.


Jeremiah’s dad is Jerry Francis, a former undersized power forward for Ohio State in the mid to late 80s. UM may have decided to not waste time recruiting Jeremiah. Scuttlebutt is that Purdue holds a great position with him. Depending on what occurs, though, at Ohio State this next season I think Jeremiah Francis is a Buckeye. Things could break differently, though.

There’s no reason to have any confidence in whatever is going on in Columbus these days. So there’s that.



One other thing of note about Jeremiah Francis. His ability to play is similar to Derrick Walton’s game.
Also, Zach Fleer (270 Sports) likes to say Jeremiah’s built like an SEC tailback. Don’t know why Zach chooses that league over the Big 10 to form a comparison, but there you have it. Jeremiah is well put together.


It is really a puzzling and unanticipated decline. Matta really had things rolling.


It does confound me. It’s like he went and got lost in the wilderness.




Romeo Weems made the U16 team


June 15 is just four days away. Any guesses as to who gets offered? I would guess Weems gets one but I really don’t know about any others. Maybe they plan on giving out multiple camp offers.


Watts, maybe Currie.


Gotta figure Weems too.


I can’t say who but I think we should be getting some good news this afternoon.


My guess with no insider info is Currie.