2019 Recruiting Notes


Michigan asst Jeff Meyer will be in to watch 2019 guard Joseph Girard III this afternoon.





Very interesting. First time hearing about this kid. Sounds like ton of Sparty ties though.


I think belein will be watching city rocks carefully this year. Watching Girard is probably how he reached out elsewhere and saw the Rochester guys.


Does the live period start tomorrow night or Sat morning?




Thanks very much.


Eybl starts this weekend right?


That is correct.



I’ve read elsewhere too that, as you note, Currie is a big UM fan. I’ve read elsewhere that an offer from UM would be very very hard to beat for him. Still has two years left to fill out as well.


As I was watching that video Mo Wagner is who came to my mind. Then I saw Beilein and co are saying the same thing. Considering he’s still got 2 years of HS I’d love if he grew to a solid 6’10" and could be a legit 5 option for us.


I’ve DMed a few times with Taylor’s dad, Jason. A really nice man.
I saw Taylor play with AOR at the Peach Jam last summer. He was little more than a beanpole then, all knees and elbows. He was not afraid to mix it up, and like Moe Wagner, was beginning to learn he could get his at any level because he was determined and could find the holes in flow to get work done. Moves his feet well. Pretty good nose for rebounding the ball. Nice jump hook. One of those players where the whole is better than any one part of his game.


With him growing up in a “Michigan” home, has that ruled out OSU from looking at him (or vice versa)? I didn’t see them listed in this write up with the other B1G schools.

Side note, anyone know if the Fife family are still active in Clarkston? I know the patriarch used to be the AD, but wasn’t sure if he was still around. Just curious.


Old man Fife just won the state title coaching the varsity basketball team at Clarkston. He used to pull double duty as AD but I think now he just coaches. Obviously his son Dane is an assistant at MSU after head coaching at IUPUI I think. No clue what Dugan is up to these days.


Wow I didn’t realize he was still coaching (my mom was an administrator at the middle school back in the day). The Fife’s are good people, though I couldn’t stand Dane in Hoosier-Ville. Certainly hard to discern, given the relationships to UM, IU, and MSU, whether he will get pro-UM advice from the Fife contingent. Thanks.


I think it does. There hasn’t been any mention of Ohio State of note that I know of for quite awhile. Taylor knows all of the Columbus players but I don’t think it has a pull on him. He may have one or two of them as teammates at either UM or MSU.

I didn’t know their allegiance to the state of Michigan. When the family got ready to move his Dad informed me that he and his wife are from Michigan. Both grew up there. He was excited to be able to go back home. I know Clarkston had the Fife connection, plus Foster Loyer there at that school. With Foster and Taylor in the same AOR program (This season the 17u & 16u teams) there was already a connection. Seemed like that was an on purpose choice but I wasn’t told that.

I’ve lost contact with Jason and that’s okay. He DMed me first. I enjoyed communicating with him as I was able to.