2019 Recruiting Notes


Isaiah Stewart came back last night. I didn’t record any. In his first game since october he opened up with 35 and 7 and some blocks. Unfair as the team he played had little size ( they hit 14 threes though) and almost pulled a huge upset. Still the kid is an absolute monster. Looks like he added 25 pounds of muscle. He has an nba body at 15. No lie. The picture of him on the cover of the democrat and chronicle says it all.

That picture says it all



Look for Columbus area players Jordan Mitchell headlining the wing forward group & Jeremiah Keene with the PGs: http://www.270hoops.com/news_article/show/757582?referrer_id=


Just watched Isaiah Stewart 2019 pf play in person third or fourth game back. Played and was guarded mostly by 6-5/6-6ish naz Carter. 2017 winged signed to Dayton. Isaiah has us listed on rivals.

He had s pretty rough night. So far he has a decent handle for a big and decent touch but he tries to dunk everything. He has no low post moves yet with very little foot work. His team had a really hard time getting him the ball or creating space for him

That said I still think off of raw side and athlectism that he’s a top 25 player in 2019. If we somehow have a real play here he’d be a must get and could really be a huge get.


A bit of a surprise here…I had not heard anything at all on Mitchell looking to move before now…


RJ Barrett number 1 in 19 class lists us, wish we looked at Canada especially Toronto more for prospects. Not sure if true but have also read Barrett may look at reclassing to 18 as well.

Off topic but really wish we would get after 18 PF Simi Shittu.


Of the two you mentioned I like Barrett, shows better ball skills and plays down hill going to the rim


The chances of Barrett coming here are … you know.


Updated rankings from Scout…some notable names with a Michigan following moving up



Have to keep after this kid. Had he not been hurt I think he would have kept his ascent towards the top20. You can’t show me 20 better players in the country.


Hopefully, his HS coach can develop his jumper. HS coach, Jack Leasure was a premier college 3pt shooter at Coastal Carolina.

That’s a very different looking McQuaid team from what I remember it (not saying it’s a bad thing. I always viewed McQuiad as a bunch of rich white kids). Tyler Relph (WVU/St. Bonaventure), Ryan Pettinella (Penn/Cinncinati), and Marty O’Sullivan (Fairfield) were in one class and then Leasure was the next.


Yea I played them in high school in scrimmages a few times. I was a year older then them. They were very good. Jack back then sat in the corner shooting threes. They have started to recruit the city kids and have lots of black kids on both teams now. Jv was more typical white rich kids but they were very good when I saw them. They currently have 3-4 kids in that high school who will go d one. Unfortunately Marty and jack appeared to be horrible coaches as the team had no idea how to move off the ball or to get Isaiah the ball in the post. Really weird as they were very fundamentally sound / heady players. Marchese is as a great coach and had them playing very well back then. Maybe they just need more year.

Also pettinella played at Virginia his last two seasons. Odd as he seemed like a straight mid major kid to me.


Looks like Stewart and slew of others (not sure the interest on UM’s part) made the Training Camp roster for the US U16 National Team https://www.usab.com/news-events/news/2017/03/mu16-athletes.aspx


Yea he got hurt in the tryout before that’s why he missed most the year. Originally I was just posting stuff cause it was early in the process and I thought we should get in on him.then someone showed me he listed us on rivals I believe. Unfortunately I never see him mention us when coming up with lists at this point.

I’m still more interested in Williams from rochester in 18 cause he’s more in our ranking range and he’s totally underrecruited right now. I think we could be a major player if we swooped in and he’s a nice 3/4 with traits we need.


watching Romeo Weems in Class B final. He is a 5 star talent but he’s not a 5 star player. Great talent you can see the potential but a turnover waiting to happen. He has a long way to go.


He is very athletic, but has not looked all that great in this game. Have to remember that he is just a sophomore.


Yes he’s just a soph, then I think of Josh Jackson as a soph and it illustrates the difference. Josh Jackson was a 5 star player as a freshman. He was truly special. Not knocking Weems, I’d love to seem M get him


Jackson was maybe the best player in his class. Weems is a top20/30 type guy. Big difference and he shouldn’t have the same expectations. But would love to have him.



MSU stopped in on Romeo Weems today