2019 Recruiting Notes


Nothing against the Ball kids, but I don’t want his father to be involved with Michigan basketball. I would be saddened.


Who took this picture?


I’m not sure, I found it on Instagram by looking at LaMelo’s recently tagged pictures


I’m sure LaVar would love Beilein’s autobench policy. He’d be threatening to pull him out of school in the first month of the season.


I would love it beacuse it would make so many people mad


Looks like Melo and Isaiah Jackson’s teammate Myron Gardner was at the game too. Gardner played for Detroit Loyola and the Family before going to Spire. 6’6 2019 Forward. Has Minnesota, Xavier and Georgetown offers. Spire head coach Jermaine Jackson was in the pictures too. Missed both of them in it but wasn’t really looking for them admittedly. Whole thing is weird but maybe Michigan is keeping interest in those guys in case kids transfer out or go pro at the end of the season and they have decent options. Just a FYI I think there is a 0.00001% chance. I don’t think Beilein wants to deal with the media circus that follows LaVar or LaVar for that matter. I just enjoy the internet blowing up with “Melo to Michigan” rumors. I don’t think this hype is hurting Michigan at all lol.


If a kid is interested, JB will talk with the recruit and his parents. He’s also going to tell them how he runs things. Lavar is going to tell JB how he runs things too. I can’t see either budging, so I imagine they’ll go their separate ways. But it’s never a bad thing to have top recruits visit, even if there’s no chance at getting them.


This isn’t happening. For obvious reasons.


Think this one is pretty obvious… Michigan wwnted Isaiah Jackson on campus so it hosted him and many of his SPIRE teammates and coaches. These sort of group visits happen all the time whether it is an AAU or HS team.