2019 Recruiting Notes


Yea I believe it as the unc game in which he had me double take at how well he was staying in front of the ball. Pretty impressive.


How long before other coaches have success copying what Yaklich and Michigan are doing? It’s hard to keep the kind of advantage they have now. I’d bet a lot that we see coaches structure their staffs like Beilein has, with a defensive specialist.


How many defensive specialist are out there?


Probably very few, because the job doesn’t really exist. Aren’t most staffs structured so that the assistants have positional responsibilities? And does any other HC let an assistant run part of their practices like Yaklich does? I’d bet many assistants are capable of doing that job though.


Nate Oats is my pick for outside the tree. Went to Buffalo from Romulus and is absolutely killing it with them. The problem: Buffalo’s REALLY good and people are surely taking notice. He’s also only 44.


Any news on recruits from the class of 2019 :wink:


More mid majors should look to high schools for great coaching hires. There is some real coaching talent that gets left down there because they didn’t play for a high major or have the right connections.



Smells of Duke to me. If you were actually torn, why would you have your decision date set right now? Take more time to make the decision. But, he needs another school to hype up his announcement when you’re the 8 billionth 5 star to go to DUke.


I’d rather he go there than MSU.


Thankfully Carey picked Duke.


Never in doubt!


I don’t know why Izzo waste time and resources competing against coach K for 5 star talent, it doesn’t seem to be working. If MSU doesn’t make another tournament run soon, these younger recruits won’t even be giving them a look.


Michigan football still gets 5 star talent despite a decade+ of mediocrity. I’d say their basketball team has been more successful than our football team during that stretch. I think they’ll still get their Miles Bridges and Jaren Jacksons.


JJJ actually didn’t have the offers from all the blue bloods besides Indiana. IIRC, he was a mid 20s, 30s player and then increased to top ten late in the recruiting cycle post-committment, and coach K basically just croots by grabbing everyone in the top 10 of 247, lol.

Miles did have those offers (UK in particular), but he was a Flint kid. Obviously gonna have a better shot with guys from Michigan.


Is MSU going to get Isaiah Stewart now? Pairing a 5 star with senior years for Winston, Langford and Ward and maturation from a decent recruiting class last year would make them a top 5 team next year.


You think Ward will come back again? He almost left last year.


Is he going to be drafted? He seems like a good college player with no pro future. I guess he could leave anyway.


People thought he was out the door for Europe and it took a late reconciliation with Izzo for him to come back


I’m not sure anyone should care? I don’t think Ward does anything better than Tillman.