2019 Recruiting Notes


By the way, has Iggy made you a believer yet? He’s been pretty fantastic on defense too, in addition to scoring 16.9 a game on over 50% shooting.


Is Duke the favorite for Carey? It seems that way on 247.


Yaklich could get offers to be a D coordinator in the NBA too. Not to mention, the blue bloods in CBB could offer him a big increase in pay to be their D coordinator. Although I think the latter would just serve as a bargaining tool to increase his pay at U of M.




Wouldn’t Jackson advise him to go somewhere other than MSU?


Isn’t that a recruiting violation? Or did they have a “pre-existing” relationship?


Yeah Izzo clipped Jackson’s wings. He should have dominated way more than he did.


NBA could certainly pay more, don’t see other college programs poaching, Manuel can certainly match.

but if his ambition is to be a high major HC, the best course to get there is stay put for a few more year rather than jumping into middle mid-major. this is a stable program, a good place to show off his coaching acumen with a group of underrated players, and a good opportunity to learn from a master on offense.


It seems it’s almost a given that LY would bring an elite defense to a program. That’s got to be pretty enticing to an AD. I’m not optimistic that he’ll be here beyond this year if head coaching is a goal of his. He’ll get offers. Hopefully for us he hates the idea of being a head coach.


I would pretty surprised if Yaklich left after this year. Remember, he’s a guy who had to be convinced to take the assistant job at IllSt because he had tenure at a high school. He seems to really love Michigan and JB. It’s also kinda fun to win Big Ten titles and play in Final Fours, and making over $300k with bonuses isn’t shabby. I doubt he takes a job just to take one, even if offered. Better to wait for the right one.


Well I’m hoping for the best. However he’s a fairly young guy and is probably hungry for more of what basketball coaching has to offer. If he was Don Brown’s age I’d feel better about our chances of keeping him. And I suspect he’ll get quality offers. I’d be all over him if I was an AD in need of a basketball coach. I mean he immediately solves your defense. Give the guy a budget for a good offensive staff and you’re off and running.


Coach Luke is by far the most publicized assistant coach in college basketball. He will get a ton of looks from a decent population of schools. I just hope that when JB decides to hang em up, Yaklich will be considered. But… Let’s keep in mind that it’s a 2-way street, and he is blessed with two elite defenders who can execute what he coaches so well. He’ll have to prove himself for multiple years wherever he ends up.


It’s so interesting because I want to see Yaklich coach a team that doesn’t have Simpson and Matthews and see if the principles still hold up, but I’m not sure he will be around long enough to see that.

On the tangent of future head coach candidates, people haven’t been mentioning his name as much recently (which is interesting), but LaVall Jordan has still been doing good work at Butler. Made NCAA tourney last season, currently ranked #24 on KenPom but will have to wait and see. He’s still #1 on my list for head coach candidates if we restrict them to former assistant coaches. (No, I don’t know exactly who I would pick right now from outside the coaching tree)


Man we need a separate Yaklich thread.


If so, I only request this image be somehow incorporated as the lead image, I can’t get enough of it.


It helps to have those two guys, but watch the D of Poole, Brooks, Iggy, and Teske. That should give you enough proof Yak can coach up kids who aren’t super gifted at D.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my initial comment. I have full faith in his ability to coach up anyone on D. My question is more team-wide how his impact is felt. I think the combo of Charles, Zavier, and Jon are just double-dipping the coaching plus their natural talents. Would be curious to see what a Michigan team with Yak coaching D would look like without 2/3 of them. No slight meant against Poole, Iggy, or Livers at all.


Poole has really stepped his defense up!


This was my intent/point as well. He’s clearly a gifted coach who has taught guys to buy into team defense, contesting shots, etc. etc. I include Moe and Duncan last year as further evidence. I just think his success at Michigan thus far may be over-inflated by the defensive leaders he’s had, and I can’t wait to see how great of a coach he truly is over the next few seasons (whether it’s in AA or as a head coach somewhere else).

@umhoops Dylan, obviously a crammed schedule with lots of content coming I imagine, but as @chezaroo pointed out, it’d be great if we could clean up this thread next week so we can continue to talk about Yak but not under this thread ;). Thanks, Go Blue, and happy Saturday gang!