2019 Recruiting Notes


Iggy’s game is already very mature, little benefit of staying longer. I think 15-20 is where he can go.

For his long term success, Yaklich needs a plan for offense besides his defense. If he is level-headed, he will stay with Beilein for a few more years to learn from the master. That’s why I don’t see him leave right away, but he will make himself ready after another 3 years when the opportunity knocks.


Michigan should list Matthews as a RS Junior to add to Beilein’s early entry list…


Remember when Billy Donlon saved Michigan’s defense


Good point! Also, I imagine Yaklich might be thinking that this program could be his when JB retires if he continues to be patient and continues to learn from JB.


Pepperidge Farm remembers.


I don’t know if the chances are that high, but the more games he has like the one against UNC, the tougher it will be to keep him another year. On the plus side, if he keeps playing like that, the chances of us making a deep tourney run also seem pretty good.


Build him a statue!


No doubt coach Yaklich has head coaching ambitions. But with his son a junior at Saline this year, would after this season be the year, or would after 2020 be better once his son has graduated.

Might be a factor.

Also, Griffin Yaklich was recently rated the #24 High School Player in the state of Michigan by the Detroit News. Might be a good preferred walk on candidate for UM. Might also be a good recruiting candidate for a mid-major that might be interested in his father as a head coach. Food for thought.


Most likely Coach Yaklich will want to try his hand at being a head coach, at his age it’d be incredibly unlikely he has no such ambitions. He could possibly wait for his son to graduate, or he could get an offer at a job too good to pass up the coming offseason. But whether it’s this year or next I’d expect him to leave


Going back to the topic at hand, I’m curious at what point Beilein will feel comfortable offering a scholarship to someone. Iggy started the year not on the NBAs radar, but if he keeps it up he will start popping up I imagine. But he most likely will have a decision to make that Beilein may not be able to count on one way or the other. That’s why to me Franz Wagner or extreme long shot a reclass like RJ Hampton are the best case scenarios.


The other thing to keep in mind is that there is basically a whole new recruiting period in April these days… Coaching changes, transfers, grad transfers, reclassifications… If someone is waiting to decide late, they aren’t deciding in February.

There is a lot of opportunity late in the game, all about picking spots to try to grab someone.


Assuming things keep up, Yaklich is going be one of the hottest assistant coaching candidates in recent memory. If I was him I would be very picky, I certainly would not take the uw Milwaukee and Detroit type jobs lavall and Bacari took. I’d hold out for a good a10 or MVC job.


I don’t see Yaklich leaving after this season or next. He has been an assistant at a high major for only 1 season, 2 after this season, just not enough credential to land a high mid-major or low high major HC job. A low mid major job not necessarily pays better, requires lot more responsibilities and takes at least a couple of years to establish himself before moving up the ladder. But if he waits 3-4 years and Michigan keeps winning, much better jobs will open up to him. It is a much safer, easier and faster path than getting a mediocre job too soon.


I think he can get a job at a solid mid major though. Better than UD or UWM like Bacari and Lavall got. He’s getting a ton of press and can literally point to being the most responsible person for the best defense in the country. Not many assistant coaches have ever been able to say that I don’t think. Plus he now has a Beilein pedigree which is worth a lot right now.


If he plays his cards right, he might take over this program in 3-4 years.


I understand why Yak is getting a lot of attention and think he has great potential as a head coach but he’s not even the top assistant right now. That’s Saddi, who took over head coaching duties in Spain.
I would like to see Yak go out and show he can run an entire program before thinking about him as Beilein’s replacement.


He can definitely coach at the mid-major level. Not everyone needs to be a top assistant coach first, we should know that more than any other fan base.

Just because you don’t want to lose him doesn’t mean he’s “not ready”.


I think you misread Maker’s comment. He suggested Yak should be a head coach someplace else first before taking over for Beilein. I agree with that.



Hopefully Duke. As great as things are going right now, I have no desire to see MSU load up on talent. I have no idea why recruits are so interested in playing for Izzo, but they seem to be.