2019 Recruiting Notes

Anyone we are keeping tabs on right now? I’m thinking there’s a solid chance we will have at least one more scholarship. I suppose the coaches have other things to focus on though.

My solution to the potential of Iggy being one and done. Franz Wagner!! One can dream.


That could be a good idea.

RJ Hampton is one to keep an eye on. I’ve heard Hampton is considering moving up to the 2019 class, which is technically what his original class was. Coach Yaklich was in Texas 5 days ago for RJ Hamtpon’s game against Jalen Green. Not sure if Michigan is pursuing him as a 19 or 20. Maybe both.

A month or two ago Harlond Beverly mentioned to me that Michigan was still keeping some contact with him about the spring as well. That was a while ago though so not sure if that still rings true.


There is > 95% chance that Iggy will be gone after the season and it is good that we will have some good options in the spring.

Is there any chance that Harlond would be interested in Michigan still? Tbh, if I was him I might be hurt by how Michigan hasn’t been willing to prioritize him at all.

Why do you think its 95%?

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I was going to ask who has higher odds at this point to still be part of the program next year: Iggy or Yaklich?

Hope the staff stays in on some 19s, just in case.

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Iggy is already 20 and has looked surprisingly capable on D. NBA teams all want wings who can do a bit of everything and he is looking like a Tobias Harris or TJ Warren type who can score 1 on 1, hit open 3s and guard 3s and 4s (and not get killed by 5s or 2s on switches).

Easy to see a team like the Pelicans, Houston, Detroit, Charlotte or Utah taking him around 15-20 to give them a scoring forward who can play immediately.


Does Yaklich have head coaching ambitions?

Hope your wrong. I don’t see first round pick

Would anyone be a college basketball assistant coach without having head coaching ambitions?


Yes. Quite possible. Not everyone wants all that goes with being the top dog.

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Nah dude, head coaches at mod majors are making double what Yaklich makes with a longer contract

He’s 19 despite the many repeated attempts to increase his age.


Not sure. Depends on what colleges are still recruiting him when he is ready to decide. Xavier and Baylor are two notable ones that have been in on him forever. If both of them drop out before he decides, I don’t know what would happen. He isn’t short of offers currently. Georgia, Indiana, Seton Hall, Providence, DePaul, Creighton plus the two above and MSU are all still in on him plus quite a few more. If he does well at Montverde I imagine quite a few more will jump in as other players commit and teams miss out on those guys and need new targets.

I keep dreaming about Iggy as a senior averaging 35 PPG and a runaway NPOY. Never gonna happen, but I think there’s a very reasonable chance we get 2 years out of him and next year’s team will be unbelievable if that’s the case

Did some twitter sleuthing on Franz Wagner to see how he is doing, he actually started some for alba this year which is really impressive for a 17yr old. He definitely appears to be ahead of where mo was at the same age.

Yaklich is going to be a head coach at the D1 level, which frankly, is amazing (yet well deserved). He’s living out the dream of every high school coach, this I know personally :wink:

My gut says he stays 1-2 years to learn more from JB, but his days as the second chair are numbered…


Michigan will need to substantially increase Yaklich’s salary and make him coach-in-waiting and have some deal like that in order to try to keep him. Maybe JB has 5 or 6 years left and sees the 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes to the end and then Yaklich takes over.

Iggy is gone for sure at his current pace and assuming there are no injuries or anything like that. He’ll be picked in the latter half of the 1st round. Matthews is gone too.