2019 Recruiting Notes

I posted this in the Hampton forum, it sounds like he has announcement of sort on Friday. My guess is reclassification but it could easily be a Top XX list too.

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Hmmm…interesting. Wonder what the connection is. Just in case, preparing for unexpected attrition? Were they at his HS? Because it looks like he has a 3-star, 6-10 center teammate also. I also wouldn’t mind if Michigan is there just to stay in MSU’s head.

This would be a terrible waste of recruiting resources.


2019? Very interesting… I imagine just a contingency plan if a spot is open in the spring?

Michigan is still keeping tabs with kids they think have a shot of staying uncommitted until the spring. They are still talking and following Beverly. Just in case they have attrition within the roster. When they went down to see Cade Cunningham at Montverde in Florida recently they were there for Beverly as well although Cade was the main reason.


King has already committed to Georgia, then decommitted, then committed to Xavier, then decommitted. Commitment to Georgia was based off the old staff led by Mark Fox. Commitment to Xavier was based off his relationship with one of the Hayes’ (Jonah or Jarvis) twins that is an assistant at Xavier, that was an assistant at Georgia.

His recruitment is interesting to say the least.

Jonas is at Xavier. He left Georgia. He was the main recruiter of King while at Georgia and then Xavier.

He’s a 6’8 legit wing so in the spring if we are looking for a 2019 he’s not a bad option. We will see what we need come the spring if anything. Got 2 guards/wings coming in as it is that are 6’7.

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MSU just got Rocket Watts

Some quotes from his announcement: “The next step is all about development as a player” and “the chance to put myself in the best possible position at the NBA draft someday” LOL

Full announcement: https://twitter.com/stephenm_brooks/status/1043645797722673152?s=21


sounds like a me first player …

Based off of this, it’s clear that his choices were either State or DePaul…


Can officially rule Michigan out of the Keion Brooks race as well. Gotta be down to IU and MSU at this point, no?

I recall reading Kentucky is a major player.


That’s a really good spot for him

I’m just glad MSU didn’t continue pursuing. I think he is the type of player I’d rather avoid than the one and done types normally. Because Timme has one and done talent without the physical gifts to be a one and done. Will be a super productive 3-4 year player. Who could be a multi time All Conference/All American type.


I was bummed we didn’t go after him harder. Would’ve been a great fit in our system.

Love him. Timme might be my favorite 19. I think he’s going to be a monster.

Where’s V.Carney going?

Either Duke or Michigan State would be my guess.