2019 Recruiting Notes

damn, my favorite player in this class. not really a spot of need obviously, but his talent/skill set plus his personality just seemed like it would be a perfect fit with us. His thoughts on recruiting ect… Coach b and him would have been a real problem, wish we had been on him much more.

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Updated position-based scholarship chart.

Switched Bajema to the 2 since there is more competition at the 3/4.

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Thanks for posting, I love this chart.
For now, I see Bajema as a 2.

Thanks, appreciate the feedback.
Probably a 2 down the road, but I think he’ll see time at the 3 to start.

@umhoops, with the Bajema commitment, where do things go from here? Are outstanding offers still committable?

No, generally. Depending on who wants to commit.

Working on a post that hits on this for the AM.


Fifth section here.

Now that Anthony, Williamson, and Watts are out of the picture as our 3rd recruit for 2019, who do we think are the most likely candidates Michigan will be pursuing if we have another scholarship slot? McDaniels? Green? Wagner? Beverly?

Probably Wagner or a late Levert, Rahkman, type sleeper

I would rather go after a five star or 4+ star recruit. If we don’t get him, I would rather save the spot for 2020.

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Hopefully Wagner.

Beverly is out they already told him that. It’d almost certainly be someone not on the radar now in the spring

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Didn’t know that about Beverly. Also saw Green doesn’t have Michigan in top 6

We’ve been trying to keep this page up to date with players who have announced their trimmed lists, etc.

Moving Girard and Brooks off the offered list is just a formality because they haven’t announced any sort of official cut.

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Looks like we will need to add R. J. Hampton to the 2019 targets.

After Spain, it is less obvious to see a potential attrition candidate.

That’d be sad news if so. I never really put a ton of hope into him for 2020, but if (when) he goes to ‘19 that makes it even less likely.

Sadly, I agree, although I did think we’d have a chance to be a solid player for him in 2020. We’ll see what happens. Has he published a list yet? If not maybe that’s the news.