2019 Recruiting Notes



damn, my favorite player in this class. not really a spot of need obviously, but his talent/skill set plus his personality just seemed like it would be a perfect fit with us. His thoughts on recruiting ect… Coach b and him would have been a real problem, wish we had been on him much more.


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Updated position-based scholarship chart.

Switched Bajema to the 2 since there is more competition at the 3/4.


Thanks for posting, I love this chart.
For now, I see Bajema as a 2.


Thanks, appreciate the feedback.
Probably a 2 down the road, but I think he’ll see time at the 3 to start.


@umhoops, with the Bajema commitment, where do things go from here? Are outstanding offers still committable?


No, generally. Depending on who wants to commit.


Working on a post that hits on this for the AM.


Fifth section here.