2019 Recruiting Notes


Julian Dozier? http://ny2lasports.com/generation-next/player_details.aspx?playerid=5888


I know he’s young but 5-2 110? I was bigger than that in sixth grade



Is Sean Cobb considered to be a big timer? I always hear mixed opinions on his overall ability. Also, is there any truth to the rumor that Cobb is related to Brandon Johns?


I believe he’s Brandon’s half brother.





RJ Barrett top 19 player from Toronto lists us, great to see, really hope the staff picks a top 25 player every year to recruit. Have with Jaylen Brown and Bamba the last two years. Sad thing is they initiated the whole process.

Also with 19 I assume we are out of the running for 5 star Andrew Nembhard from Toronto with DeJulius in now. He is buddies with Barrett and I kid we have been recruiting for awhile but is a PG.

It is obviously real early but who are the leaders for offers next June, Romeo Weems, anyone else? Taylor Currie?


Good find, thanks for the link. Sounds more like he heard from UM not necessarily that he reciprocates the interest. But it is encouraging that his dad is the EVP of Canada Basketball, we tend to do well with kids whose parents have deep basketball backgrounds, usually pro players, but I’d think that the business side is just as significant.


Any update on Mark Watts? I love his game - not sure where he’d fit in with the potential roster but I hope the staff is watching him close.


He’s still wide open but I think he’s over hyped. As of right now I view him as a catch and shoot type in college. Now Romeo Weems on the other hand, that is someone we need to absolutely prioritize along with Jordan Mitchell for 2019


Would love to have Weems. Do you have any relationship with him to know whether he has some interest?


Definitely has interest but there’s a long way to go with Romeo. He’s a bit more reserved in relation to most recruits.



Saw another article recently where he didn’t mention us and assume that ship has sailed since we have DeJulius as a PG in the 18 class. Thought the staff might wait a bit before offering DeJulius cause sounds like this kid will reclass to 18.


ESPN updated top 25 for 2019


Romeo Weems - drops from 17 to 19, maintains 5star status

Terry Armstrong - not listed, probably due to not player this year. Transferred to Wheeler (yes, Jaylen Brown’s HS) and has moved back to Michigan recently.

No Jordan Mitchell

No Rocket Watts


There’s no doubt in my mind the kid I’ve been pushing who listed us on rivals would be on that list if he hadn’t been hurt all year. Comes back feb 1st. I will be there to watch. I saw him ranked 29th somewhere this summer