2019 Recruiting Notes

Using the derivative of the shadow that they cast and the knowledge that John Beilein is 6 foot even, I can say with 98% accuracy that Tyler is 6 foot 9.


Film is impressive. He made a bunch of 3’s and plays vs. IMG Academy. Home of former UM asst. John Mahoney. As MattD use to say, can he create off the dribble? Looks like he can create off the ballscreen but it would be interesting to see him create off the bounce without a screen.

He obviously shoots it really well. You can watch his teammates on the bench as they react as soon as he gets the ball. That’s one of the ways how I judge how good of a shooter a kid is. If the bench is already celebrating when he gets the ball, you know that are expecting it to go in.

There is no way he is actually 6’4." First thought I had while watching the film was he looked like one of those 6’1-6’2 guards from Belmont that make a ton of plays.

Bertram good.

Stu Douglas plus swag. To be fair don’t remember seeing any Stu HS footage. In my opinion Stu Douglas was better than he realized; shoulda shot more and with less conscious. Bertram doesn’t need an invitation to shoot the ball.

Wait…I thought from an earlier post JB was 7’3?

Lol, ffs on the height experts again. Man.

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That highlight video actually reminds me a lot of Jordan Poole, tbh

Sorry, that comparison is not allowed. You can only compare him to Stauskas, Stu, Novak, Huerter, etc.


Did Michigan offer ? I can’t believe we haven’t heard anything in the past 24 hours ?

plan B after Carton and Girard

Jaden McDaniels is on campus with Juwan Howard



I really wish this was true. However, MattD shot it down on mgoblog.

“Matt D June 21st, 2018 at 5:05 PM ^
Appears as though this may be a mistake. Three well connected sources in addition to a very well connected source have informed me Jaden is not on campus currently”

“matt D June 21st, 2018 at 5:16 PM ^
For clarification purposes, Jaden McDaniels is currently in class at Federal Way HS. Classes don’t let out until tomorrow”

Supposedly Juwan is on campus with his son.

On campus right now and just walked by Yaklich driving the cart by the Diag. I was hoping you guys would’ve had more info. Cannot confirm it was Juwan, I only caught a glimpse and couldn’t remember who was visiting.

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College practice camp is tomorrow (and team camp is Sat/Sun). Sounds like Juwan Howard’s son is on campus but probably a bunch of other people as well.

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ESPN 100 for 2019 updated (as were the 2020 and 2021 lists).

Notables for Michigan purposes include:
Jaden McDaniels - 4
Keion Brooks - 25
D.J. Carton - 28
Rocket Watts - 31
Romeo Weems - 37 (obviously DePaul commit, but still interesting)
Samuell Williamson - 43
Jalen Wilson - 68
Joe Girard - 90

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That’s quite the jump for Girard

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And quite a fall for Wilson. Rankings, bah!

‘Rocket’ Watts, Beverly to take time in recruiting process

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Harlond Beverly on campus today.