2019 Recruiting Notes


I’m really high on timme, I think he’s a bit undervalued. For instance I think he’s a bit better than Jalen despite the rankings.

He’s the perfect Michigan stretch big. If you put him in Beileins system and with coaches development timme could become another monster. He’s very skilled and fluid for his size. He immediately jumped out at me while watching all the tyrese maxey videos.


I really hope we end up with 3-4 roster spots for 19 the guys were after are all Game changers.

The cole Anthony thing is very interesting.


New name in 6’4" shooter Tyler Bertram


Interesting I’m familiar with him. He’d be a fall back option imo. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that. We need two of




Going two over in the fall seems dangerous.


FWIW… I’d basically consider Matthews a senior this year. There’s a reason Beilein referred to it as his senior year.


Agreed, Charles will be ready in 12 months…he’s starting to play without thinking!


One of the UM assistants is there “watching” Cole Anthony. Zags is the only place that keeps saying that UM is recruiting Anthony. Anthony has kept his recruiting close to vest but Zags is very well connected in the NY/NJ area.


There’s enough of a connection (his mom) that there’s a reason to recruit him. He seems like a kid who will likely decide in the spring anyway, at which point we’ll know if we have room for him.

We’ll take Carton if he wants to commit. I’d imagine we would take Girard, too, but who knows.

Either way, the roster is in great shape right now. There’s no reason NOT to go after him. There are only so many PGs Duke, Kentucky and Kansas can get. After that, I think anyone’s fair game.


I imagine there’s no way this would ever happen but Carton and Anthony together would be the most incredible backcourt ever to happen


David Dejulius, Zavier Simpson and Jordan Poole as well. That’d likely be the most loaded backcourt Michigan has ever fielded. Maybe even the Big Ten at least in the last couple decades.



Beautiful looking shot from that pic. Fingertips control


I challenge anyone to look at Mr Bertram’s Junior highlight video and tell me this Kid can’t play.


Has some Heurter to his game.


I will never say no to a 6’4" sniper.


Maybe this is skewed but I felt like there was considerable variation in his height in that video. Might still be a growing boy. 6’4” and growing? Yes please

Where does he fall on the Beilein height scale?


His release point is a little low, but he does get the shot off quickly.

Other than that, I really like his game. Nice shooter, has some athleticism and quickness, has a mid range game, nice passing skills, and nice vision. I’d gladly take this kid if Carton doesn’t come. I could make a lot of arguments for taking him over Girard, too.


Yeah, slippery with the ball, good vision and passing in addition to his nice shot. Definitely underrated as #315 3-star.


Regarding the true height thing, see the pic from the practice gym. Good luck adjusting for the camera tilt.