2019 Recruiting Notes


Yeah…if you’re on Rivals or 247, “TOS” makes sense. On any other site, it doesn’t.


Info is coming from 247 and Rivals primarily. I’ve seen it elsewhere as well


TOS = Terms of Service, last time I checked.


Fair enough. After reading more I’m changing my vote to Wilson. Regardless, we’ll soon find out.


Hmm. Always meant Trey Overtime Shot to me!


I’m pretty sure it’s Jalen Wilson the rumors are about. I asked some people last night and it seems that he could announce within the next week or two.


Nothing specifically new here but a nice piece from Webb about the impact of recent success (on court and in the draft) on recruiting


Great segment on Sam’s show today. Didn’t listen live but listening now on podcast. Worth a listen for anyone who can get the podcast.

edit: Ricky Leach came on, a guy called in from South Carolina, and Sam went all Bo Schembechler about Coach B and the Michigan basketball program and our (Michigan and Coach B) preeminence in the state of Michigan! Really fun segment!


This is a new name right?


I believe it is. He’s at IMG Academy, where former UM assistant John Mahoney is coaching. Mahoney doesn’t coach him, he coaches the post grad team.


Interesting that we are targeting so many wings. Though Green looks like he could probably play the 2. I know we have somewhat of a logjam at PG, but the 2 is pretty open after Poole and I would be surprised if there a player from the backcourt left after this next season.


I’m guessing he’s being recruited as a 2. Assuming Matthews is gone, that means more room for Poole to get touches this coming season. Who knows, if he gets high usage and is efficient, he could work his way into NBA talk after his sophomore year. And in that case we’d really need a 2 for '19.


He’s a 2019, so I would count on Matthews definitely being gone whenever he arrives whether he stays or leaves this year.


My point was if Matthews is gone this year, more room for Poole to shine and possibly be gone the following year. I know it’s a huge leap to think Poole might be gone after sophomore year after a very inconsistent freshman year, but at this point, I think anything is possible. There is no way I thought DJ Wilson would be a first rounder before his '16-'17 season. No way.


I think Poole most likely needs 3 years. But if he shows he can play combo, make some plays for others, I could see him being on the radar.


Harlond Beverly will be playing his senior season at Montverde Academy per Brian Snow.


There’s very little (if any) contact going on between Michigan and him, right?


He says they talk every week as of a couple weeks ago when I talked to him. Not sure how much in that span. Going to Montverde will be good for him. Will truly show if he is as good as some believe he is. I believe he will do well and will blow up even more but we will see.


Looks like Beilein and Yaklich both at U18 Championships in Canada. Keep hearing reports of Beilein being at all of Cole Anthony’s games. He’s been at all of USA’s games to see Watts,