2019 Recruiting Notes


Yep. After seeing more info from other people, I now believe Balas. Apparently it was not stated to even necessarily be a commit.

So I see 3 options:

  1. Jalen is committing
  2. McDaniels official being scheduled.
  3. The Weems DePaul stuff has been an elaborate troll of Sparty and now he is committing to Michigan (probably not, lol)


I think it’s Girard for a few reasons. One of which is it seems his and Beilein’s relationship has progressed further than any of the other recruits and therefore he would be the most ready. It would be a nice get.


It is about a commit.


People on both Rivals and Scout are now either acting like they know or referencing others that do…I feel like this info will imminently come out. Hard to focus on work in these moments :slight_smile:

I’m such a nerd for Michigan basketball…sigh.


So right now are we thinking the order of probability is:

  1. Jalen Wilson

Big drop off

2a) DJ Carton
2b) Romeo Weems with the greatest Sparty troll in years

  1. Joe Girard

  2. Secret Jalen McDaniels visit coming


The only thing I don’t get is why it’s so secretive if it’s just Jalen Wilson. But, whatever.


I’ll also add that IF the staff, like most of us, feel that Carton > Girard, there is a benefit to leaking an imminent Girard commitment, but no real benefit to leak an imminent Carton commitment. Of course, it could also be Wilson. I think Girard is most likely.


That’s a great point


The kid wants his moment, and I def agree we don’t want to step on that.


Yea, so… I’m changing my prediction to Jalen Wilson too. Lol.

Would be a tremendous get.


Because good sites want to allow the kid to have his moment, not be the first to scoop.


Perhaps I missed something, but where is the speculation that there is an imminent commitment coming from?


TOS’ have confirmed a commit, not Carton related, not Girard. There are still a few other offers out there. We know Weems is coming down later, if not UM, then down to three others I believe. Sure points to Wilson, but he is not the only other offer left out there.


I would be shocked if he is the first UM commit.


What are you suggesting? I’m trying to understand, but I don’t follow. When have Beilein and his staff ever leaked recruiting info? I don’t even think they would accept a commitment from Girard at this point.


Of course they would.


TOS’? Maybe it’s just me but this thread became confusing over the last several hours.

So somewhere is reporting we have a silent commit at this point? Guess seem to be all over the place. I would say Wilson. From what I hear he was ready to commit on his visit but his parents wanted him to wait to not commit in the middle of a visit…let it sink in for a bit.


TOS is an ancronym for “The Other Site”. It’s how people on premium boards refer to other premium boards


I’m a damn 20 year old comp sci major and y’all are confusing me with the internet lingo. Is “the other site” mgoblog? 247? Rivals? This is rather important regarding the validity of any info we’re getting.


I understand TOS I meant what other site was reporting? Thanks though.