2019 Recruiting Notes


Maybe you forgot to include a link to Matt’s article.

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So who’s committing to Michigan this week fellas?

I don’t think they take Girard without giving Carton first turn down.

Jalen Wilson just visited.

I’m going DJ Carton to Michigan maybe even on a suprise visit.


It’s great to be linked to top talent or be in their top 5, because they aren’t going to come here if you aren’t. That being said, it is still a long way from a LOI.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Links and visits are good, but like you said, it’s all about getting the LOIs signed and actually getting those top-tier players to play here in Ann Arbor.


Are we definitely getting a commit this week? If so, very intriguing. Like your thoughts on Carton if that’s a possibility.


Understood, but he seemed to be 100% on this.

Webb put in a CB for Carton to Michigan yesterday and he was holding off vs others. Seems like something is up.


Idk, Carton committing right now just would be so weird. Why not wait until the visit?


Could be a suprise visit this week? Who knows. Nothing would suprise me.


I know that @umhoops is a busy man, but I am going to make a shameless plug to update the recruiting visits page. It would make it easy to track when guys like Carton are visiting and when we start getting some 2020 guys in house.


Good call. Need to do a better job updating that. Peak visit season is usually in the fall with officials and such, but I’ll work on that.


There’s supposed to be a not there. Sorry I do a lot of posting on my breaks on my phone so I don’t have much time to edit/ read them for auto corrects and there. Basically I think Wilson is a great take and a great fit but I think he’s a straight 4 star in the 50-75 range. 5 star and top 30 is too high.


I always just called us big blue as well when I’m excited or talking them up. Is that a Kentucky thing? I didn’t think it was a set moniker for anyone , just one of Michigan’s colors and a great program so I put it together


If he says a commitment is coming, I believe it.


Imagine The possibilities of a class of McDaniel and carton. That would be something serious. Both are great athletes who can really push the pace and finish. Those two with our 18 class would get us a title I’m convinced


Yeah, people get sensitive about that. “Big Blue” is Kentucky, the NY Giants, or IBM. Michigan is just “Blue”, as in “Go Blue” as opposed to “Go Big Blue”.


I’m going Wilson.


Back on topic here fellas. No need to debate the merits about other sites, past football rumors or whatever else.


Interesting, I knew about the giants, but i
Did not know about Kentucky calling themselves that. nor did I know that Michigan fans would be offended.


I live in the Lexington area, and every once in a while I’ll see or hear folks complaining they’re big blue and not um. It’s funny to me because um fans don’t claim nor care about it. Then again, a lot of what UK fans do is funny to me.


Putting everything together I would be shocked if Jalen Wilson isn’t the rumored potential commit