2019 Recruiting Notes


a big guard can help the depth … but grad transfer might not be an easy find this year … no obvious hole on the roster unless Mathews does not return … which is a remote possibility …

my understanding on McDaniels is that Juwan helped Fisher recruit his brother, SDST would’ve be a strong contender had Fisher not retired. If the coaching staff is in touch with Juwan and get him onboard, things can turn around fairly quickly … after all, Beilein’s system is perfect for Jaden.


Not to be overlooked is that Beilein has been pushing for the Fab Five to be honored and has welcomed Fisher back. MattD stated that the staff has let Juwan know of their interest in McDaniel.


Been a lot of Jaden McDaniels talk over the last week or so. Here’s a quick update on his recruitment from Ethan.


Love his game. Would be killer in this offense.


247 updated their recruiting rankings. Here are the noteworthy players:

#2 Cole Anthony
#9 Keion Brooks
#10 Jaden McDaniels
#23 DJ Carton (upgraded to 5 star )
#29 Jalen Wilson (just outside 5 star status)
#47 Rocket Watts
#51 Romeo Weems
#77 Drew Timme
#79 Harlond Beverly
#157 Joe Girard


I could be wrong, but weren’t some people starting to cool on Watts as a prospect? I remember a lot of people dropping him down on their preferred list of 2019 recruits. Seems like he’s really been making an impression during EYBL play.


Yeah Watts shot up 26 spots from their last rankings update. He has really been showing out in the spring. I would love to land him.


He had a huge weekend in Atlanta last week scoring the ball.



paywalled… assume he is making a visit?


Maybe I got to watch more film on him but the one video I saw he was my least favorite of all the recruits we were checking out or showing serious interest in. Again just one video so maybe I’m wrong.


It’s an article with a little something about all the schools recruiting him, but it says he talks to the Michigan coaches a lot and he wants to set up a visit.


Endless motors did a rundown of 2019 targets and where their recruitment are, how it looks from big blues perspective and brief rundowns on their talents.

Not a ton of stuff we don’t already know. Has Wilson and carton as out most likely commits. Said his gut tells him watts will go either state, Marquette or down south, did girard was a Michigan lean but now it appears duke and cuss are in the lead.

He did mention one of my personal favorites in withers. He said withers named us as one of the 4 schools he talks to the most as of mid April. Had Virginia, Florida and Louisville, as the schools in touch the most thus far and consistency. I wonder if he didn’t reciprocate as much love so it’s slowed? It seems just last month we were on him hard. Personally he’s the sf I’d want most after McDaniel. I think withers is most definitely going to be a better wing than Wilson if he isn’t already. I hope we turn up the heat for him again.

Finally he mentioned what we’ve all heard about McDaniel but it’s all very early ( as we know) I really think we’re going to end up with three spots one way or another. You full court press carton as he maybe the most important recruit in terms of need, reciprocated interest and talent.
Then if we land Wilson god bless that is a nice tank. I agree with Matt d’s Take there though he’s a straight 4 star More likely in the 50-75 range, certainly top 30 or five star status. Either way he’s a nice get and great fit. That third spot has to be a home run. Screw position just go for whoever is the next player you can get.

McDaniels is the dream pick up and seems real. If love to see us push hard for withers and make him an offer along with timme. Timme is underranked to me. Would it be overkill to add another pure pf?Sure but he and johns could work as small ball 5s behind castoeton and johns livers and ignas could all side to three. Time is underranked to me for sure and I’d say he’s a top 50 kid all day maybe top 40. Hed be a monster in coach bs system. Honestly I think him and Wilson should be switched in terms of rank. Their very similar and would have similar roles but timme is bigger and more skilled imo , I also think he maybe more springy but I’d have to watch more. Apparently his parents are from Michigan. I’d love to see us poke around there and get an offer out there. I have this weird feeling by watching him play that he’s be interested in coach b and his style of play. My board of who I’d want in order

Max a.

I left brooks off because it seems unrealistic , Anthony too.


Big Blue?? Jeezus. Michigan or UK??


Alright, I’m officially confused.


LMFTFY: “He is a plain 4-star type talent, most likely ending up in the 50-75 ranking range, but certainly not top 30 or 5-star status”


Just to be clear this is for Michigan University (aka the other Big Blue) not University of Michigan. /s


Are we even in on McDaniels other than speculation, connecting the dots between us and Juwan, and him mentioning us before he shot up to a top ten prospect? This has the feel to me of another prospect who we scout a bit, get named to their top ‘X’ list, and then he commits elsewhere.

It seems like a huge amount of energy is going into Wilson and Carton and they are undoubtedly the top two recruits. Of course, even if they both do commit certainly we end up continuing to scout as a third spot has the possibility of opening up.


McDaniels and Saddi Washington have been talking. We had an update last week.


Awesome! That’s good news.

I think the best thing about the cycle so far is that we are tangibly linked to so many top tier 2019s. Striking while the iron is hotter than ever.