2019 Recruiting Notes


I don’t think McDaniels is even remotely close to a decision and while he has mentioned Michigan interest, I don’t think Michigan is a front runner or anything. It would be very silly to hold off on any of the current offers in hopes of potentially landing McDaniels somewhere down the line. If Michigan has room and he wants to come later, then you cross that bridge then.


Not saying we should hold off on taking someone. But if Wilson commits, I am saying we should continue recruiting McDaniels with a committable offer on the table, regardless of position need or numbers. I think right now the expectation is we take 1 combo guard and 1 wing scorer. I would hope if Wilson commits that wouldn’t elimate our interest in pursuing McDaniels.

As far as front runners, “Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Michigan, Arizona are the 5 schools I’m hearing the most from now”. Matt claimed the staff had been in touch daily plus the Juwan Howard connection. Seems reasonable to think there’s a realistic shot here


Ah, I definitely agree with you there. Hopefully McDaniels makes it out for a visit. If Wilson and Carton committed, it would make things very interesting to see what route they go for a potential 3rd scholarship.


I don’t think it took deep pockets to pry away an assistant coach from Illinois St. Or really, for anything else Beilein has done. It took a coach with the awareness that he needed to change his approach and the will to do so.


No need to re-hash on individual posters and whether they post here. Makes this thread (about 2019 recruiting) impossible to track. He’s welcome to post here if he wants to, it isn’t like he’s banned or something.


I believe that our chance with McDaniels is for real. 1, he does not have a presumptive leader, 2, the Juwan Howard connection is for real. This should be an opportunity that Beilein should jump on. If Juwan pushes hard for us, we will have a very good chance, certainly much better than what had with J Brown and Mamba.


I wouldn’t put too much faith in the Howard connection. We have seen sons and brothers go to different schools.


Wait, are there deleted posts talking about him as a poster or do you not want us to discuss the content of his mgoblog posts either?


Yes, there are deleted posts. Feel free to post whatever from MGoBlog or Endless Motor, just link to whatever you are discussing. No worries about that in the slightest.


Jaden seems like a great candidate for that 3rd scholarship post-season

@umhoops You’re not allowed to oversign by more than one, right?


I’ve been saying that this class should have at least 2 and probably 3 players eventually. Technically I believe the Big Ten rule allows oversigning by 1. But technically, if he returns, Charles Matthews would be listed as a senior on next year’s roster.


@umhoops Ha, Charles’ status is an interesting wrinkle.


Jaden McDaniel…the topic of recent discussion. No mention of us here.


Michigan likely isn’t a serious contender for him. People should focus on other targets than this one.


Just thought it was relevant considering the lengthy discussion here about him and his supposed interest.


Here’s a useful chart for gauging Michigan recruiting interest that is probably useful here:

  1. Have they taken an official visit?
  2. Have they taken an unofficial visit?
  3. Do they talk to John Beilein?
  4. Do they talk to an assistant coach?
  5. How often?
  6. Does an assistant coach talk to their coaches?

Start from the bottom and work your way up. Until you are up until 3, interest is fairly preliminary.


Don’t have to tell me that it was more of a message for the rest of the forum. That’s a pretty good baseline that followers should look at going forward


Sorry, didn’t mean for it to sound like I was telling you. Just meant it more as a frame of reference to build off of what you were saying.


Nah I got you man you’re fine.


It’s early in his recruitment. I don’t think it’s a huge long shot. I mean it’s so preliminary Montana is mentioned because he was offered. Who has a better shot Montana or us? I think his recruitment is just taking off so things will change fast. He’s kinda the new dude on the scene so it seems like scout ( I think it was scout) didn’t have much on him.

I think the Juwan connection could be huge, I really do. If we start to make a real push I’d llove to see his cousin campaign for us. I just think it’s real early for him and the 2019 class to say either way what’s happening. He’s obviously very good. I like Jalen Wilson a lot and hope we land him but McDaniel is a superior talent.

Honestly as long as we get carton this will be a successful class. He’s exactly what we need and I’m combo with what we brought in 18 he is exactly what we need/lack positionslky and skill set wise.

I like the large web we’ve casted. I’d love them to focus on these guys though in no order

Carton ( check)
Wilson ( check )
Timme ( no check )
Withers ( no check)

I’d hone in on that group and full court press them. I’m also ok with girard but if we take a 3 man class and we’re gonna take a combo guard and a 2 guard id rather it be carton and watts. Carton girard and a wing is nice too though.

Like we’ve all heard a bit it seems weems is warming up to the Michigan idea, if that’s true I’d be relentless there and try and keep the beat in state kid home.

I would have put brooks on there as he’s still my favorite wing out of those offered but it kind of seems dead on that front.

I think they need to keep shaking the tree on McDaniel and then both Houston kids. We’ve talked to Williamson who I like, not flashy but efficient and I’d like to get in on timme. He’s be a great stretch 4 with us and coach b could make him a monster. Love his Game.

Also I’d really like to add a grad transfer to this group. Might as well. Another shooter/ creator makes sense imo.