2019 Recruiting Notes

Romeo Weems

Rising sophomore Romeo Weems plays with the kind of determination and focus you would expect from a rising senior. Playing for The Family 15U team Weems, who turned 15 in June, did everything but hit a three-pointer on Thursday. Weems attacked the rim, was a good passer on the move and showed good court awareness for a young player. On defense he used footwork and covered lots of ground in the lane. Weems listed early interest from Xavier, Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State.

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Also on Weems, he’s 6-4, 203 pounds with a 6-11 wingspan according to Nike measurements at DX.

Love Weems. He’ll probably end up being a top 25 player in his class.

I know he’s still maturing and growing, but I didn’t see 6’7"" the three times I saw him play this past winter. He IS extremely long though.

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Yeah, the Nike measurements have him at 6-4, not 6-7.

Romeo Weems feature

I have a suspicion Nembhard is going to reclassify to 2018 and get recruited by Duke and Kentucky. I think that kid is the real deal. Hope we continue to recruit him hard.

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Joseph Girard the third listed us as one of the teams showing him interest on his Twitter.

Since we’re probably taking a big in the 2019 class I’m reiterating this should be the guy. Supposedly were watching his aau teammate Girard. This is who we should really be after. Guy will be a game changer.

Rivals rankings


Nembhard 17, Weems 21

What about Terrys Grades and mental makeup. Heard he hasn’t really got serious about school yet. Doesn’t understand how far it can take him.

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Comment above still holds true

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The '19 class has a good chance to be one of my favorite Beilein classes yet. I really like some of the guys we’re solidly in on.



Who is the guy next to Carmody who appears to be about 5-foot-6?