2019 Recruiting Notes


Carton, Maxey, Brooks, Wilson, Weems, Watts, Girard, Beverly


Wilson, Brooks, Maxey, Carton, Weems, Watts, Girard, Beverly


THe beauty of Coach B signing such a big class in 18 is that he only needs to fill one or two spots (possibly 3) so he can swing for the fences and hold out for a top guy. If we miss out on a lot of of the top targets ala 2016 it won’t matter as much because of the large 18 class. If he only hits on 1 we’d still have a full roster with only one or two openings. Im still pretty convinced one of the 18’s will redshirt giving us a defacto 2019 recruit. Possibly two honeslty if Davis is ready to ball and either LIvers or Johns can play small by five.
Its also great because were riding off a couple years of big success. This is the most hype the program and Coach b as a coach has been getting since hes been here. THe teams a few years back were better and those who followed the big ten and coach b knew he was elite and so was the program but it still didn’t translate to buzz nationally like it is now.

I think media and kids are starting to wake up and recognize, so we could get a big recruiting bump off these runs unlike last time. Good time to shoot for the stars. I also bet the investigations have a lof of kids and coaches being very careful and steering clear of shady programs. Coach b and michigan can’t really be beat in terms of being clean, being a winner and developing. I think we might get our first five star this year.


It really has amazed me how deeply asleep kids and their handlers have been right up until recently…JB simply can’t be ignored anymore. Trying to argue he is not an elite coach/developer just looks ignorant at this point…The college basketball world has finally woken up, I believe.


If they get the money out of the game and shady back door deals as well, I’m convinced we land a top ten class every year, more like top 5. Year in year out. On top of that the maize rage would start coming out in full force. Kind of fair weather student support but if it’s a dynasty the kids will come and back it like they back football. If you add that to coach b, the winning, the development the facilities and create a grade a atmosphere then it would be hard for the right type of five stars to say no.

I also believe once we land one or two of them and it becomes hip to sign with us among the one and dones then they see the kid get drafted early, improve and win games then more will follow.

Would love to see maxey or Anthony pull the trigger. I think Anthony would be possible. His dad knows hoops. He’s got to be aware of coach b’s skills and a NBA player wants his son to be challenged and coached properly not coddled. Could be a fit.


Also have to give props to the new assistants. They are putting in serious work! Saadi had a big hand in the last two recruiting classes that are fantastic foundations to the program and could do amazing things. Then you have Yaklich bringing in Castleton almost singlehandedly. Now they have a whole cycle to go after guys and they’re just killing it. I don’t know how Beilein keeps replacing assistants that are either on the same level or in many cases seem to be a step above. Kudos to the whole coaching staff, it is a freaking great time as a Michigan basketball fan.


Love these assistants. Listening to them on Sam’s show the other day was so much fun! They’re having fun, too. You can tell the family atmosphere at Michigan is a real thing!

You’re right about Coach Yak and Colin Castleton. Coach Yak has a great relationship with Colin. He got in early when he was still an assistant at Illinois State and Colin was just starting to emerge as a four star recruit. The folks at Father Lopez speak VERY highly of Coach Yak.

Finally, on Sam’s show, the coaches also talked about Colin’s “personality.” It sounds like he’s similar to Moe in several ways! :slightly_smiling_face:


Are we in the Golden Era?


Looking forward to Colin mean-mugging the Izzone during another victory! :joy:


I know that question wasn’t directed for me but I’d say an astounding yes! I hope coach b stays for the next five years at least. Don’t care how old he is. He has a ton of games to win. I’m predicting a title soon. THis is by far the best talent base/recruits hes had to work with coming out of high school since hes been here. I know, i know the burke years, t hard. g rob and mitch, but remember those guys all developed once here. They were ranked pretty high but not as high as the kids we got coming in/ who we are on, on the recruiting trail.


Can’t believe no one on here has posted this yet…

Brian Snow CB’d DJ Carton to Michigan today. Another reliable Iowa native also heard something extremely interesting out of Cartons school that would back up Snow’s crystal ball.

Interesting acceleration of the timeline if it’s almost a wrap.


The CB info was posted in the Carton thread. Is the interesting news that he wants to decide earlier than originally planned? I just read a 24/7 article that mentions he wants to trim his list soon but no mention of deciding


Who is this reliable Iowa native you speak of?


IABlueCrue. Had connections with Oliver Martin’s recruitment and is plugged in with Iowa sport scene.


I would be happy with his commit. Bonus points for being a lefty.


Hypothetical question: there has been discussion the Carton might be ready to commit and let’s assume that he does in the next month to Michigan. How many more would JB take this summer for the 19’ class if others like Wilson and Weems wanted to commit? This assume no more roster turnover for signed players


My guess is he takes 3 and then if a kid like Vernon Carey pulls the Mo Bamba/Jaylen Brown/RJ Barrett “Michigans in my final 4” he would entertain that as a hypothetical 4th


The impression I get is that there is a spot for a guard and a spot for a forward. But that’s mostly conjecture. I would imagine he keeps in contact with kids through the year, but we should only really expect 2 schollies to open up.


Yes :slight_smile: I fear for the post-JB days, hope we can keep one of his top deputies (Saddi or Yak) to take over for continuity sake…but I feel we will all remember this era with a fondness similar to that of the late 80’s early 90’s. But Beilein has this program at a level that deserves acclaim. His 2019 class may even surpass 2018 too! (albeit with fewer signees)


That’s what I was thinking too. We have one open spot for 2019 as things stand today. I expect Beilein to go one over, but not beyond that.