2019 Recruiting Notes

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I for one, care less and less about getting the one and dones. I would rather hang banners and see kids develope over a 2, 3, 4 year period than see a top 10 player wear the uniform for one season. The pursuit of the one and dones hasn’t been a guaranteed success for the blue blood schools and hasn’t even worked out that well for some of the players.


People were excited with the 2016 class because we were shooting for the stars with Battle, Leaf, Thornton kinda Bridges, Langford, etc. We all see how that went, and with the FBI thing we all know why it went that way. I personally love everything about our 2019 targets. I think they’re past the “definitely will get paid by someone” range while still being a jump up in talent. A lot of great fits that would blend in incredibly well with the roster.


I am with you. Can’t wait.


Cole Anthony put up some incredible numbers this weekend…


Just under 28 ppg, shot 63 pct from 3 and 90 pct from the ft line, 9 rebounds per game… I know we aren’t getting him but sounds awfully impressive.


Why not? I’m not giving up on him.


Put it this way, I find it extremely unlikely that we are getting him considering who’s involved and that the FBI investigation doesn’t appear to have changed the recruiting landscape too much. Certainly there’s always a chance and ultimately Beilein and his staff have generally been good at identifying who they have a chance with and who they do not and in going so prioritizing their time. We’ll know soon just how serious of a player Michigan is in the recruitment. I’d love to get him but I know it’s not likely.



Sounds like we are also trying to get back into it with Beverly


Like I said awhile ago, Michigan was never seriously interested in Beverly. Belein never personally contacted him until this week. He has visited multiple times which shows an interest on his end, but Michigan never really reciprocated it to a certain extent. I get it though. Michigan is also targeting Watts, Carton and others. In the past, Beverly would only be in contact with 1 or 2 of the assistants periodically, but never Belein from my understanding. For the first time in this process, Belein reached out Beverly himself. Coach Belein watched him when he matched up with DJ Carton last weekend in Dallas (Beverly’s team won and he led with 15 & 7 assists). And then apparently Belein watched him again last weekend. He must’ve came away impressed with Beverly cuz apparently he is going out to Minneapolis to watch him again. DJ Carton will also be in Minneapolis this weekend.

We will see what happens with Beverly and Michigan going forward.


Good player. More upside than people may believe.


What position is Beverly expected to be in college?


I’d guess a 2


I believe he wants to be a pg


I’d call him a CG. Most big scouts who have seen him call him a point guard now.


A article done by 247’s Brian Snow on Beverly just a couple weeks ago. https://247sports.com/Article/Harlond-Beverly-had-impressive-moments-at-the-NY2LA-Swish-N-Dish-117082464

A article done from this past weekend on Beverly and DJ Carton from 247’s Evan Daniels highlighting both as point guards: https://247sports.com/Article/NY2LA-DJ-Carton-Harlond-Beverly-have-bright-moments-in-match-up-117546616

Corey Evans of Rivals considers Beverly to be a point guard. He told me that when I was in Dayton at Flyin to the Hoop earlier this winter.


His true PG skills are still developing. Played out of position this year in HS.

Interested to see if he can take a leap during summer circuit. Kid has got size, skill and athleticism.

Best is yet to come from him. Would be very happy to get him in our system.


I was looking at Watts EYBL stats (which were very good) and took a look at Terry Armstrong’s numbers. Looked liked he had a nice weekend. I don’t see him as the kind of kid JB would ever recruit, but was wondering if he will even be eligible? Been to a different school every year and thought there were some academic concerns. Just curious what his future might hold and wasn’t sure where else to put this.


Beilein has his priorities in order.

Beverley is a nice prospect but I’d rather go with a Carton, Watts, Maxey or Girard. I think HB would nicely fit at UM, just like others better.

Give me DJ Carton and Keion Brooks, although Jalen Wilson would be an amazing get too.


Maxey, Carton, Weems, Brooks, Wilson, Watts, Beverly, Girard

is my pecking order. I get Girard can light it up, but personally just must not get it because i think there are bigger, better fish