2019 Recruiting Notes


JB is doing his due diligence in case of further transfers.


Snippets on Hyatt and Girard



I really liked Wilson. Would be a great add




I believe Wilson and Girard are the only two prospects to see beilein twice in April thus far. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. IMO these two appear to be the top priorities in 2019 right now. I also find it interesting that Weems nor watts have had in homes with beilein yet. FWIW watts didn’t list Michigan as a team recruiting him hard in a update yesterday. I think the Weems and watts ships are sailing.


You may be right.

I’d gladly take a class of Carton, Girard, and one of Wilson/Brooks.


Would Wilson and Brooks both be takes? Or is that a one or the other situation


Is it just me that anytime I see these post and the player/dad/coach all wearing Adidas I immediately think we have no chance. lol


You may be right.

I’d gladly take a class of Carton, Girard, and one of Wilson/Brooks> Blockquote

Thats pretty much the ideal semi reliastic class imo


I would guess Battle v Langford would say that both are a take and you figure it out. Both are 4/wings right?


Yea let’s not pass on guys that good on positional basis. We’re not that desperate for a pg/ sg in 19 to pass on Brooks and Wilson.

Imo you take them both. Brooks could play the 2 eventually. Also you have z, dd, Eli, Poole, Nunez. . 1 more would be better but not atthe talent loss involved.

A roster with Johns, livers, ignas, Brooks, Wilson would be extremely impressive. The versaitility and skill of them all could land us many big ten titles. I could see a couple of them being quick enough and skilled enough to slide to the 2


I thought Beilein had an in home scheduled with Watts this week?


What if it is a class of only two?



Not to derail the thread but did anybody else notice the PG on Jalen Wilson’s team. He’s very good. I think he’s committed to Oklahoma. De’Vion Harmon.


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why exactly haven’t we offered maxey yet?


not sure why we havent yet, but it sounds like he might be in town this weekend and should get one then