2019 Recruiting Notes


Not sure if he got the academic tour, which is the pre-req for getting an offer.


Where did you read that Maxey will be in town this weekend?


I think I saw a few sources mention that he was supposed to be in town. Mattd on Mgo I believe mentioned it specifically


can we get anymore info about the Cole Anthony reach out? I was pretty psyched to hear that. Nobody else seemed excited. Obviously very preliminary but I am pumped to even hear that name brought up. I wonder if we reached out or he showed interest first.


Don’t think this would make sense. Live evaluation period this weekend and I don’t think you can have visits during a live eval. Might be wrong, but that’s how I remember the rule.


Sure you aren’t confusing that with reports that Beilein would visit him? Fwiw, Maxet visited in the Fall so that’s not what held up the offer.


I think that must have been it. Sorry guys for the bad info. This is what happens when i dont go back and double check stuff



New target.


Very intrigued by how this class will end up. Seems like several guys are listing us as ones that are recruiting them the hardest. Seems like the staff is putting in serious work.


Very impressive. Haven’t ever heard of him and I’m not sure how. Kid can ball. The wing targets were after are all great.

I reallly liked his game. Looks likeca legit 6-8 too. Long , athletic great jumper. Gotta love it

He reminded me of a better version of Jamal Cain. Gotta imagine Mattd loves him as a prospect then. I really like Wilson and wliiiamson out of Texas but watching withers just now , I’m not sure he’s much worse, if at all. All this is totally based on highlights and snippets of games I find online.

Wilson was a good not great athlete with good height and great skill/ iq for his size/ position. I’m quite fond of his game, def top 50 based on what I’ve seen. Top 25 as he’s listed might be a stretch. This kid though as far as I can tell isn’t on anyone’s top 100. That’s a shame imo… I don’t see him far below those guys off this.


MattD is very high on him. He has Tyresse Maxey, then DJ Carton based on positional needs, then Williamson, Weems, and Withers all tightly bunched. I will say, the last three are tightly bunched for Matt, but Maxey is clearly his number 1. I hope I’m not misrepresenting him. I don’t think I am.


Off of the threes or four videos I’ve seen for all out of the group you named and taken maxey out and putting Wilson in I’d go.


Based off potential though I’d go


Weems still looks raw skill wise. I like that withers is not far off his athletic ability and he appears taller and longer , but his shot looks like a cannon and weems shooting isn’t on that level.


I’m with Dylan in that I really don’t think we have much chance with Maxey. Go after him, sure, but we ain’t getting him, I don’t think. Of the others, I haven’t seen Williamson. I like Weems and Wilson a lot, and I really like Withers. The guy can shoot it from DEEP! He hit several shots in that second half of year highlight video from 25’ and hit a lot of shots from 22-23’. I also think he has outstanding athleticism. I was pretty blown away by his tape (I mean video-I’ve been around a LONG time! :rofl:).


Sam talked at length about Jalen Wilson on his show this morning. He made the connection between Jalen’s first name and the Fab Five and one Jalen Rose. He also mentioned there was a similar connection for one DeVante Jaylen (D.J.) Wilson and the Fab Five in that the moms of both of these young men were Fab Five fans. Sam said 247 has Jalen Wilson as a five star and number 15 prospect in the country. He said an offer is a foregone conclusion, that Jalen knows that, and that an offer will be forthcoming as soon as he gets on campus. Later in the Recruiting Round up Sam talked about Romeo Weems’ recruitment. He said early on Romeo was a heavy lean to Michigan State but that that is changing. Saddi is doing a great job recruiting Weems and things seem to be changing in regard to State vs. Michigan but he can’t be definitive until he talks with Romeo personally which he will do sometime in the next few weeks. Sam said 247 has Weems as a four star and number 56 in the country. The Weems stuff isn’t necessarily new, but I always enjoy listening to Sam.


Nice nuggets of info. TMI has been almost all football since April started so it’s nice to hear some basketball recruiting news.


Yesterday Josh Henschke moved his Girard crystal ball from Michigan to cloudy. He said Duke and Cuse are pushing legitimately hard for him and is no longer confident in Michigan as the pick.

He offered this commentary too:

The last part answers why I want to be transparent. I don’t want to throw out CB’s just to get the clout or be the first one with the guess. I want my CBs to be 1000% sure before I make them. That way you are all aware that I mean what I report and when you see them, you know I have gathered enough information to make a decision. Can things change once a CB prediction is made? Absolutely. Which is why I alert you all when I lose confidence and change my selection, which is what I did today with the Girard post.

That’s my perspective, at least. The crystal ball tool is a great feature when it’s used the right way. Like all of our staff does.

He also talked about Wilson and had pretty much the same stuff to say as Sam did in silver’s post. A scholarship awaits him when he visits and he is very much a priority. He noted that DJ Carton is probably a legit 6’2"-6’3" right now and still growing. Also said this regarding him:

I won’t get into crystal ball talk at the moment but I REALLY like Michigan’s chances here. They were held in high regard already, the offer makes everything more legitimate. While I certainly think the Wolverines are sitting in a great spot for him right now, I still need to hear some things before I definitively place a crystal ball selection on him.

As usual Dylan, if you feel like these blurbs are too much let me know and I’ll delete.


I will take Carton over Girard in a heartbeat because he is a midwestern kid who seems genuinely want to play for Michigan. Girard probably sees Michigan just as another good school and Beilein as another great coach.


A class of Carton and Wilson for 2019 would make me very happy.


I would guess that Girard has unique insight into Beilein given his dad played for him, so I doubt he’s “just another great coach” to Girard, but it doesn’t seem he has any particular affinity for Michigan.